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Luke Rudkowski, the founder of We Are Change and a close friend of Collective Evolution, has been at the forefront of alternative media for years. He and Dan Dicks of have captured footage of the global elite on many occasions, asking questions no one else dares to ask. He has become known worldwide for this work, and continues to break important stories and topics that mainstream media refuses to cover.

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The video below was taken in 2014 from the annual Bilderberg Conference, where the world’s financial, corporate, and media elite, along with various members of defence and intelligence agencies, all meet privately to discuss topics of great secrecy. Rudkowski and Dicks managed to confront Peter Sutherland, the Chairman of Goldman Sachs and member of the steering committee for the Bilderberg group, and here’s what happened:

Why Do They Always Run Away?

We kind of have to do this since you guys are so not transparent and you guys are so secretive, we kind of have to figure out some way to communicate because proper communication can solve anything. You guys can clear the air, get rid of the theories, there’s so many people making so many bad assumptions about you guys, and you guys could get rid of that right now. . . . The more quiet you guys are the more mystery and theories you guys will bring out. And the more assumptions people are going to make, make up bad things that you guys are doing in there, because if you’re doing something good you usually do it in broad daylight, but if you’re doing something bad you want to do it in secrecy, and it kind of seems like you guys are full of a lot of secrecy. – Luke Rudkowski

Luke and Dan bring up an excellent point: the world’s elite conducts their business behind closed doors and then conceals it from the public. How could we not be suspicious? Every single time a question is asked about Bilderberg, or other agendas discussed there, these people cower and run, refusing to answer anything at all. Just by asking questions, they are exposing the world of secrecy that we live in. If these men had nothing to hide, they would not act in this way. I think it’s clear how desperately we need to open the lines of communication between them and the general public, but they are doing nothing to start that process.

Both journalists have some great footage on their networks showing confrontation with many leaders. Luke has confronted everyone from Lord Jacob Rothschild to Henry Kissinger, all of whom shy away from the camera and refuse to answer questions. You can check out his channel HERE.

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Below is another video from Luke taken from just outside of the 2013 Bilderberg meeting. In it, he interviews British Labour party member Michael Meacher to discuss why this type of secrecy is a concern.

The 2016 meeting is set to take place at the Herrington’s Sierra Pines Resort in Sierra City, CA.

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