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The world of technology never ceases to expand and amaze, and this week South Korean multinational company Samsung was granted a patent for smart contact lenses. If developed, these lenses would be equipped with a built-in camera and sensors that can be controlled through as little effort as blinking.

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The patent was granted by South Korea to Samsung, joining it with Google as the only two companies to hold a patent for content lenses of this kind. However, when it comes to this form of wearable technology, Google’s main area of interest lies within the medical realm, as the company hopes to develop sensors within the lens that could determine blood sugar levels through tears.

Samsung’s concept involves embedded antennas that would communicate recorded data to your smart phone, taking wearable devices to a whole new level.

Here is a look at the patent diagrams that were made public through SamMobile:


Is This Something To Be Excited About Or Scared Of?

If developed and made available to the public, I’m sure there would be a mixed reaction to a wearable device of this nature.

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On the one hand, many would be astounded that a device this complex and futuristic — previously only possible in a Hollywood film — was developed in our lifetime. I imagine this novelty would be enough to drive many people to line up in hopes of becoming amongst the first to capture video footage with their own eyes through a simple blink.

On the other hand, many, including myself, would likely feel that technology has gone a little too far. Given how much our currently available technology already negatively impacts us through things such as EMFs, the health implications of having device capable of transmitting to our smart phones directly touching our eyes are worrisome.

Of course, at this stage, without the product even being developed I have no proof that the device poses any harm whatsoever, but I’d still steer on the side of caution if it does make it to market.

It’s Still Just A Patent

It’s important to keep in mind that this entire announcement reveals merely the granting of a patent. Companies are granted patents all of the time, many of which are then developed, many of which are not.

So no matter which side of the fence you sit on, hold your horses before either celebrating or protesting this seeming sci-fi fantasy come to life.


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