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There are two great laws of physics. One is quite old. The other, quite new.

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Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is just altered into different states.

All matter can be reduced to energy – nothing more, nothing less. 

Now scientists are saying what many have known for years: Everything in this Universe of ours is, at its very base, energy. Atoms are made up of energy, and when they form themselves into certain patterns, they create matter – trees, chairs, the human body, and so forth. Some energy stays in a non-material form. One of those non-material forms is our thoughts – especially those with intention. And just like all forms of energy, our thoughts have power. They can create matter, just like any other form of energy. And this is where the awesomeness and the responsibility of our thoughts come in.

Thoughts Control Our Lives

First, of course, our thoughts are responsible for everything that we experience in our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to place our thoughts on those things that we don’t want to appear rather than what we do want to appear. These thoughts are in the form of worry about what lies ahead, worry about our children, worry about money, and so on. The list could be endless. When we put out any thought, it is energy released into the universe, and that energy has power. It works to bring to us exactly as our thought has expressed. If we hold thoughts of lack, lack is exactly what will appear in our lives. If we hold thoughts of illness, that is exactly what we get.

And this is part of the answer to the question always asked: Why do bad things happen to good people? They may be “good” people by societal definition, but their thinking has brought challenging circumstances upon them. WHile we don’t have complete influence over someone elses’ life, we can contribute to the energy around them through our thoughts.

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Thus, a parent who is constantly anxious and worried about his/her child’s well-being may help create the space for all sorts of challenging things that could happen to their child. On top of this, the child begins to pick up these thoughts and hold them too, especially as they are being said to them constantly. Ultimately, some crisis may occur and we may not have the self awareness to understand why it may have happened and where to go from there.

So, the first step in responsibility is to control our thoughts about ourselves and our lives. If we want to participate in the abundance and good that this reality has to offer, then we have to take responsibility for our thoughts and make sure that the energy we are sending out to be formed into “reality” is only of the good variety. But this can’t just be meaningless, feelingless words, they have to be formed with intent. i.e. you can’t simply say you want something and expect it to show up.

Our words come from our thoughts too. So, in our verbal communications, we have to take great care that we are not spreading negativity into the Universe that will bring manifestations that we do not want. When we say, I just don’t have enough money to pay my bills,” those words come from our thoughts, and put lack energy out there. And lack is what we will manifest. Only by replacing those thoughts about failures with what we actually want will our circumstances improve.

The Responsibility We Have Towards Others

Because we know that thoughts are real “things” with power, we have a huge responsibility to our reality. Our thoughts can have power over other people in ways we may not always realize. In creating a better world, it starts within each of us, and starts with our thoughts and perceptions.

The real responsibility you have is to hold self awareness and goods thoughts/intentions for yourself, others and the planet – even those you may consider your enemies right now. This is what Jesus and Buddha, and Confucius, and Mohammed, and all other great teachers have been trying to tell us. Jesus said, “Love your enemies,” and he meant just that. You send out thoughts of love and compassion; you exhibit kindness toward them. You wish them well. You begin to see real shifts in the dynamic of how they respond to the world.

Holding good thoughts for others who have attempted to harm us is difficult. But if we continue to remind ourselves of just one truth – that we are all connected – then we understand that harmful thoughts about and to others ultimately harms them and us as well.

Take your responsibility seriously. You know the power your thoughts have. Use those thoughts to benefit yourself and everyone else around you. Mark Zuckerberg states that his guiding principle in life and in business is to “Do no harm.” That should be everyone’s mantra as they consider their thinking. The New Testament says, “Be ye renewed by the renewal of your mind.” Even then, the power was understood.

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