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Bernie Sanders first caught my attention when he revealed something which no other candidate for president had ever done during their campaign, which is that it doesn’t matter who is elected president — because the power of corporate America is so strong, they will never be able to create real change.

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Sanders now has the attention of millions of people across North America, representing a much-needed and fresh voice of truth which has been missing from presidential races past. While you may not agree with his position on every single topic, at least he isn’t a corporate shill being funded by the big banks. Even if he doesn’t win, his outspokenness may help more people to see through the veil that’s been blinding the masses for so long. This man seems to be a clear favourite for the presidency, but the odds may still be stacked against him, since Hillary Clinton appears to be the top pick of big corporations hoping to keep the American Empire running.

There are about 400 delegates divided by primary and caucus result, but there are an additional 700 super delegates in operation, and they can vote against the people’s will to ensure that nominees are handpicked party insiders. A single super delegate vote is worth thousands of an average person’s. These super delegates are current and former members of Congress, as well as lobbyists for major, unethical corporations that support Clinton. It doesn’t really seem like a democracy, does it?

That being said, Sanders is making history. He is not a corporate puppet, he’s not afraid to speak the truth, and he has amassed a huge following that is letting the world know who America really wants as their next president – regardless of what mainstream media journalists might be reporting (many of whom are in the pockets of the Clintons).

Below is a great little video of Bernie and Mark Ruffalo as they walk through Brooklyn, discussing how Sanders’ upbringing affected his worldview and policies. I think it offers a glimpse at why so many Americans resonate with his message.

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