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Known for her YouTube channelThe Beauty Bybel, beauty blogger Carli Bybel regularly posts hair and makeup tutorial videos. Over 4 million people subscribe to the channel, along with 3.2 million following her on Instagram and 2.7 million on  Facebook. I think it’s safe to say that she has a massive reach on social media.

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I already anticipate that this article will receive a lot of flack for promoting a ‘beauty blogger,’ but the reality is, she found her passion and she used it to her advantage. Being a makeup artist is just as valid as being any other kind of artist; whether one uses canvas or skin, expressing oneself through art is a personal choice, and there is nothing inherently negative about either one.

I find it unsettling how quick women are to judge each other for either wearing too much makeup or not enough, and just because someone chooses to show other males and females how to do makeup does not make them a bad person, or unintelligent, or vain. They are choosing to celebrate their beauty in their own way. I personally love wearing makeup because I find it exciting that I can change my look up to suit my mood, but I am also a huge advocate for going the natural route, because frankly, I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in and with any choices I make in regards to my appearance. I am happy for anyone who chooses to do what they want, for themselves, by themselves, if it makes them happy.

So now that I’ve said my piece, I want to focus on how important it is that a beauty blogger like Carli Bybel is now going vegan and choosing to only use and promote products that are vegan and cruelty free.

About a week ago, Carli posted a YouTube video highlighting her diet routine with her boyfriend, Brett Cap, who is a personal trainer and fitness expert. In the video Carli mentions how she and her boyfriend cut out gluten from their diet because Carli has very bad eczema and now knows that poor food choices were to blame. They also explain that they completely cut out red meat and milk for a year, inspired by the documentary Cowspiracy. She also expressed how she wanted to try going vegan. This generated her a lot of unwanted positive attention from other YouTube bloggers, especially ones that don’t eat animals. 

FreeLee the Banana Girl is not only known for being vegan but for promoting a Raw Till 4 Lifestyle. She took to her YouTube Channel to respond to Carli’s diet choice.

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That Vegan Couple also offered their perspective in a very helpful manner, not only advocating Veganism, but helping to educate about it as well.

After Carli did more research and after having watched these videos, she decided to take the plunge and go vegan. She explains she was just fed up with her eczema, and knowing that seafood was a major component to her flareups, decided she needed to do some healing from the inside out.

I wanted to call attention to Carli’s decision because she has such a strong media presence; this means she has the power to influence and persuade many people to make better and healthier choices.

Another major reason for celebrating her choice is that the beauty industry hardly has any standards when it comes to what we put on our skin and women are the largest target audiences for that. The beauty industry preys on our insecurities, focusing only on money and not consumer (or animal) welfare. As a result, they cut corners and hurt plenty of animals along the way. (We have an article about vegan products under 12$ here.)

Carli definitely received a lot of preemptive criticism and judgement from hardcore vegans, however (see below).

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 2.24.18 PM

But she has made it clear that she is beginning the transition to vegan and cruelty free products, which is absolutely amazing for the millions of followers she has, as I’m sure the impact of her choices will ripple through the industry, hopefully bringing more attention to the cruelty that animals face at our own expense. We have another article about vegan beauty products which you can check out here; if you’re thinking of making the transition, it may help!

Below is the video of her declaring to go vegan.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to veganism, plant-based, or even becoming a reducetarian, we applaud you for making a healthier choice not only for you but for the environment as well.

It’s important to note that not only are we all different, every body is different also. Listen to yourself and be self-aware. Do your own research when making a diet change and be proactive with your health!

And for anyone else who suffers from eczema, we have an amazing article about how a mother cured her daughter’s eczema with a raw diet, which you can access here.

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