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We are entering a New Moon phase in the sign of Taurus on May 6th/7th, which is the beginning of the 29.5 day moon cycle. In astrological practice, we view New Moons as a new wave of energy, as the Sun and Moon meet at the exact same point in the zodiac.

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New Moons aren’t significant new beginnings such as Solar Eclipses (which happen biannually), but nonetheless they represent opportunities for new ways of expressing the energies of the different signs of the zodiac. It is important to note that the movements of both the farther and retrograde planets, along with Solar and Lunar Eclipses, signify the longer term ‘backdrop’ of what is happening in our lives.

This New Moon is occurring while Mercury is retrograde in the same sign, which really emphasizes the new ways of how we are working with the energies of Taurus.

Taurus: Practicality, Patience, Money, Possessions, Sensuality

Taurus is an Earth sign and therefore it is a very grounding energy. Some would say that it is the ‘Earthiest’ of all three Earth signs. Taurus is about being strongly rooted to assist us in being more practical and thorough, and even to assist us in routine, for better or for worse, as routine can also lead to negative habitual patterns.

tau-embossed-2Taurus, being ruled by Venus, is a sensual sign and is considered to be the ultimate connoisseur of the zodiac. Physical pleasures and comforts such as tasty and/or quality food, stimulating substances, massage/touch, and the physically gratifying aspects of sex are under the domain of this sign. A potential shadow expression of this energy is overindulgence, laziness, and avoiding anything that isn’t pleasurable.

Taurus is also associated with money, material possessions, and self-worth. What we value, they way we deliver value, and how others value us are also Taurean.

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During these coming weeks, it would be wise to use our free will to make the necessary adjustments and decisions to improve our relationship with the qualities of this sign.

Here are some examples: if you are overindulgent in eating the wrong foods, then perhaps this a time to switch from quantity to quality, and/or from unhealthy to healthy. Another example is that if you spend too much money or if you are greedy with money and possessions, then perhaps this is a time to change that for the better by observing the ‘feedback’ you are getting from the external world. In some cases, the need to make adjustments in any of these areas may be enforced by the manifestation of problematic circumstances. 

New Moon In A Grand Trine, Mercury and Mars Are Retrograde

This New Moon is in an Earth grand trine, which is when 3 or more planets form harmonious angles in a triangular shape with each other. In this case, the New Moon is conjunct Venus and Mercury also in Taurus, trine Jupiter-North Node in Virgo, and trine Pluto in Capricorn.

Venus in aspect with this New Moon really emphasizes the sensual, pleasurable, and even financial aspects of Taurus, but in some cases it can also represent creativity and love. As mentioned above, Mercury retrograde here represents how we are making adjustments in the Taurus-associated areas of our lives.

new moon in taurus 2

Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo indicates growth and evolution in our duties, work, health, efficiencies, and organization, which can be beneficial towards our future goals. Since Jupiter had entered Virgo mid-August 2015, many of us have been overwhelmed by an expansion, or a need to grow/evolve, in these Virgoan areas of our lives. This New Moon cycle provides an opportunity to make adjustments in our relationship with the Taurean traits so that we can be more productive, organized, clean, and/or healthy.

Pluto in Capricorn can represent empowerment in our ambitions, careers, or the structures in our lives. It may also signify authority figures, whether it be employers, or those within an organization, institution, or even a branch of government that we may be involved with at this time. The grand trine of this New Moon can result in a positive outcome, as long as our free will choices allow that; this also depends on other astrological factors affecting us as individuals (determined by your natal birth chart).

Considering that Mars is also retrograde, those of us who are very assertive or frenetic may also need to ‘slow down’ to assist in implementing practicality and thoroughness, and to achieve a higher level of quality. Some of us will learn that ‘slow and steady is what wins the race.’

Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are also retrograde, however, these ‘outer planets’ are retrograde half the time and don’t carry the same significance as when the ‘personal planets’ are retrograde such as Mercury, Venus, or Mars. One thing it does do though is emphasize more of a ‘going inward’ time compared to other periods when less planets appear in this motion.

Making Intentions For This New Moon

Do you need to change your relationship with money and/or material possessions? Do you have self-worth issues? Do you constantly prioritize pleasure over duty? Are you overindulgent? Are you eating quality, healthy food? Are you aligned with your true values? Do you need to slow down and/or implement practicality in your life?

ce-astrology-ad-feb-2016-250x250These are some examples of the type intentions to make during this period. It is best to either write them down, say them out loud, or even draw images to reflect what you intend and then put it up somewhere on a wall, or otherwise. If you like, you can also do this after lighting a candle and/or incense, which will amplify the effect of the intention. Keep in mind, however, that ultimately what will actually manifest in our lives needs to be in alignment with the current phase of our personal growth and evolution, as well as what is in the best interest of that process.

The best time to do your intentions is as close to the New Moon as possible, at either the exact time or right after it actually occurs. If that isn’t possible, then you can also do it within the first 24 hours afterwards. The exact moment of this New Moon will occur at 7:29pm Universal Time on May 6th. You can click here to find out when that will be in your time zone.

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