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All change starts from within, but for that change to manifest globally, we must band together to share what we have come to understand. One of the best ways for us to do this is by attending (or even better, organizing) events that allow like-minded individuals to share and communicate.

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One event doing this very thing is the ILLUMINATE Film Festival taking place from June 1st to 5th in Sedona, Arizona. The festival is the premiere destination for all conscious cinema, giving change-makers in the world of film an influential and reputable platform to display their work.

In addition to showcasing change-inspiring films, the festival also includes an entire interactive experience, where attendees will be given the opportunity to attend workshops, panel discussions, and a healing lounge  — the first of its kind.

The films, workshops, and panel discussions at the festival will feature an abundance of empowering content on subjects such as, but not limited to:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Consciousness
  • Mind-Body Science
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Organic and Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Sustainable Living

We at Collective Evolution will be attending the festival, both to support this event and others like it, and to give all of you an opportunity to connect with some of our team. I personally will be partaking in one of the panel discussions titled Conscious Media & The Mainstream: Finding Your Audience, a topic that I am eager to discuss and field questions about.

Here are all of the main workshops and panel discussions slated to happen at ILLUMINATE:

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Behind The ‘Seen’ – Investing In Transformational Entertainment

Easily the biggest obstacle in the way of beginning any new project in life is financing, and the film world is of no exception to that. In this discussion, three industry experts will be discussing how to more effectively fund conscious and cause-based cinema and bring it into the mainstream.

GuestsGeralyn Dreyfous of Impact Partners/Gamechangers, and producers Jane Charles of Greater Good Entertainment (SOLD) and Ilan Arboleda of CreativeChaos (Thank You For Your Service).

Conscious Media & The Mainstream: Finding Your Audience

So you’ve successfully completed the difficult step of making a film, writing a book, or putting together an article: now what? In this discussion four experienced individuals break down how to effectively market that piece and ensure its positive reception by your audience.

GuestsCorrine Bourdeau, President of 360 Degree Communications; Bill Goodykoontz, Film Critic AZ Republic & Gannett News Service; Maya Zuckerman, Huffington Post writer; Mark DeNicola, Collective Evolution.

Act Of Transformation – A Screenwriter’s Workshop

As conscious and creative individuals, we all have powerful messages or lessons that we would like to deliver on screen, but how can we most effectively do that? Emmy Award winning screenwriter Dev Ross leads a workshop on how to turn that life changing conscious concept into an entertaining and engaging screenplay.

Distribution Therapy

Striking a deal with a distributor can be scary, but this workshop can ease your fears by giving you the rare opportunity to directly observe a series of conversations between filmmakers and their distributors. Learn how to handle this experience without having to fumble through it first yourself.

Guests: Nancy Gerstman, Co-founder/Co-president of Zeitgeist Films & filmmaker Jeremy Frindel (One Track Heart); Richard Lorber, CEO of Kino Lorber & producer Peter Rader (Awake: The Life of Yogananda); Richard Cohn, President of Beyond Words & filmmaker Patrick Solomon (Finding Joe).

Tools Of Immersive Cinema – Virtual Reality Workshop

Amazed by the world of virtual reality? This workshop will explain the process and give you a live demonstration of the technology. Lead by filmmaker Sandy Smolan, you will be taken on a VR experience with two renegade marine scientists free-diving below the ocean surface.


To find out more about the upcoming ILLUMINATE Film Festival you can check out the official promotional video for the event:

For more information on the festival and to purchase your tickets, please click on the following image:


Even if you cannot attend, do your part in changing the face of the mainstream media by spreading the news of the Illuminate Film Festival through your network!

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