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Did you know that in the United States alone, we throw away over half a trillion dollars (retail value) in food annually? Yet in the same country, we have over 49 million people living in hunger, struggling each day to find a meal and to make ends meet.

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The disparity between have and have not is outrageous, but a new app called Unsung is trying to rectify the space between and feed the homeless and hungry by offering solutions from people who are able to donate food to those in need.

Unsung essentially acts like an Uber for donation, and the company describes their intention like this:

Unsung connects restaurants (caterers, grocers, farmers…) that have excess food with people in need (the homeless, women’s shelters, poverty relief centers). We allow volunteers to schedule themselves ad-hoc (similar to an uber driver) to help out in their free time. And we have added gamification of the platform so that users can compete against each other to do the most good.

Stop Hunger. End Food Waste. #hackhunger

Little ripples create big waves, and if we each do our small part to help hunger, we may find a solution sooner than we imagined possible.

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Take a walk through the app and learn more by watching the video below!

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