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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and seen strange, moving shadows? Or been alone in a house at night and seen something moving out of the corner of your eye? Have you ever wondered why most paranormal activity happens at night? (Hint: it isn’t because spirits want to scare the crap out of us.)

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Paranormal activity happens throughout the day and night, we just aren’t seeing it until nighttime.

Everyone Has Psychic Abilities

The accuracy of our vision for things paranormal varies from person to person, but everyone has the gift of being able to see and communicate with beings from the other side. This is a part of our sixth sense.

After working with hundreds of clients on intuitive development, I’ve never seen a person who could not tap into their intuition/sixth sense with enough practise. Some people can see beings from the other side more clearly because they have less obstructing their view. Things that can stop you from truly seeing something paranormal are beliefs, strong emotions such as fear or phobias, negative past experiences, etc.

Often children are open minded and free from many preconceived notions about beings on the other side (unless they watch a lot of horror films); this open, relaxed state allows them to more clearly see paranormal activity.

Relaxation Changes Things

When we are in a relaxed state, the brain changes over from beta waves, which are produced when we are alert and focused on a task at hand, to alpha waves, which are slower and more relaxed.

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fagannewNot only are our brains operating differently than they do during the day but we are also different mentally.

When we are relaxed, our natural defenses go down and we become more open. We are less focused on the environment and more focused inwardly. When we focus inwardly our vision changes. Our view of our environment is softened, even blurred in the moments before we sleep, as if our outside world is fading from view. It is at this point, where we tune everything else out, that we can sometimes see shadows darting from one part of the room to another or other paranormal phenomena.

This sight is usually enough to jolt us awake, thereby changing our brainwave state back to beta and causing us to question whether or not any of it was real. But our entire perception of real changes when our brainwaves change.

If you’ve ever experienced even a light meditation, you’ll know the feeling of alpha brainwave state. When we’re meditating we can see things that we wouldn’t be able to clearly see when we’re alert and in beta state. We can see colours, sights, sounds, and beings from the other side in basic guided meditations that are wonderful while we’re experiencing them but are somehow less believable the second we pull ourselves out of that relaxed state.

In our dreams, we are functioning in even deeper brainwave states like delta and theta and in those moments, our dreams feel real to us.

My point is that as your brainwaves change, your perception of reality changes with it.

There are times when our imagination takes over and creates visions in our mind which feel very real and sometimes very scary. We can imagine shadows and ghosts and all sorts of terrifying paranormal phenomena (especially at night) but the key is knowing what you are creating versus what is actually there.

What Actually Is Real Then?

A trained psychic or medium will know the difference between which visions come from the imagination and which come from Spirit. One key difference is that visions from your imagination or ego are always rooted in fear. For example, we imagine that something is hovering over us while we sleep and that it wants to harm us or we feel something following us upstairs from the basement and we have to fight back the urge to run from it. These feelings are rooted in fear and are thereby a product of the imagination.

However, if it’s nighttime and you’re watching TV (meaning you’ll likely be in alpha brainwave state) and you see a shadow move out of the corner of your eye and there’s nothing physical that could have caused it, then it’s likely that you actually saw something paranormal. If you’re in bed and you feel goosebumps as if someone were caressing your arm, or your cheek suddenly tingles for a few moments as though someone were kissing you goodnight, then you actually witnessed something paranormal. These are often your spirit guides or loved ones from the other side watching over you or wanting to let you know that they are there.

If you can suspend judgement and determine whether or not your vision or feeling came from fear, then you can accept that you’ve seen something paranormal. This is key to accessing your psychic vision, but if you’re not interested in opening up this psychic center of your brain then you can always shrug off the shadows and blame the weird noises in the other room on the cat. 😉

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