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Psychedelics get plenty of coverage here at Collective Evolution, as several of our writers have taken an active interest in both experimenting with and researching these miracle plants. Having always enjoyed learning about these medicines, I was thrilled to be given access to advanced screeners for two new psychedelic themed films: Orange Sunshine and Icaros: A Vision.

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Each of these films explores a different element of psychedelics, both of which left me better informed about this growing global phenomenon.

Here is my review (without any spoilers) for the films, both of which I think you should take the time see:

Orange Sunshine

Orange Sunshine (2016) tells the true story of a group of friends and family in Orange County, California that decided to form a church centred around psychedelics, which they called The Brotherhood of Eternal Love. The mission of this group was simple — to change the world — and, in the far more liberal 1960s, they believed psychedelics could spearhead the way.

illuminateThe film features first-hand interviews with former members, involved law enforcement officers, and experts to give the full story of the remarkable and dangerous feats of this well-intentioned group.

What starts off harmless and seemingly destined for success quickly spirals into an adventure that paints a full picture of how the political system cracked down on these substances, and what inspired them to do so. Coming into the film I already felt relatively informed about the fear tactics the government used to discourage drug use, but was stunned by the amount of new information and insight presented.

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What I particularly appreciated about the film is the way it related the events of the past to the realities of the present, showing the implications of both this group’s actions and the subsequent governmental response on our own modern political landscape. Informative and entertaining, this film will keep you engaged every minute of the way.

Icaros: A Vision

Icaros: A Vision (2016) is a narrative feature that tells the story of a woman named Angelina in search of medical answers. Exhausted by the lack of solutions from the mainstream medical system, she sets off to Peru to seek alternative help at an Ayahuasca retreat center.

With her own life on the line, Angelina delves right into the Shamanistic world in a captivating roller coaster ride that challenges her physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Plant medicines remain an important topic here at Collective Evolution, so it was great to see a film focused on a woman’s first-hand experience with them. The film excels in its impartiality, offering an honest and unbiased representation of Angelina’s journey, both positive and negative.

Co-director Matteo Norz spoke about the creation of this film in the following interview:

Where To Watch Them

These films share more than just their subject matter in common. Both will be premiering at the upcoming ILLUMINATE Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona. For Orange Sunshine, ILLUMINATE will be the film’s Arizona premiere, while Icaros: A Vision will be making its southwest premiere.

We at CE are excited to be sponsoring the conscious film festival, and will be in attendance ourselves. We encourage you all to find out more and to purchase tickets by clicking HERE.

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