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Discovering what we are meant to do with our lives isn’t the easiest of tasks. In fact, a lot of people go many years without ever finding their passions. I think that this inner confusion can be overcome the moment we understand what is in our way. Below I’ve listed some of the most common reasons people feel blocked when it comes to knowing their soul purpose and how to get past these roadblocks.

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1. We’re Trained to Comply

No one can tell us what we are meant to do here; this is a question that we must answer ourselves. The only way we can answer is through that part of ourselves that is pure and unchanged by life. The thing is, we are trained from a young age to follow, listen, and repeat what we learn in school. Critical thinking and uniqueness are not things that are often praised and that’s likely because it would be difficult for one teacher to lead a class of many without 100% cooperation.

So, we have changed our children to fit the education system instead of having it the other way around. If we lowered the teacher to student ratios, it would be much easier for each child to have enough time and support from his or her teacher to foster growth and meet each individual’s needs.

Because our system is the way it is, we are taught to neglect our feelings and personal opinions in favour of what is accepted by the teachers, and later in life, society. The soul’s priority is always growth. Many times, growth comes from walking the path less travelled. It becomes exceptionally difficult for us to know what we want to do with our time as adults when we’ve been trained to follow others.

Our challenge, then, is to transcend that part of ourselves that does whatever we need to do to win acceptance from our parents/superiors/friends/family/society and see what lies underneath all of that. We need to come back in contact with our truest selves because that is where our answers lie.

2. We Subordinate From the Get-Go

Often times, my clients who are looking for their soul purpose say things like, “I wish someone would just tell me what to do,” “What should I be doing with my life?” or “What does God/the Universe want me to do?”

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Their questions actually point to the problem. Whenever someone makes statements like that, I know that they’ve placed their power outside of themselves. They believe that there is some sort of external authority figure that they should be listening to instead of themselves, and that this authority figure will judge them if they choose “wrongly,” and that all the answers lie within the authority figure instead of themselves.

When we view our lives in this way, we are subordinating to an imagined judgemental figure. The truth is that you have all of your answers. You know what you want to be doing with your life. You are an extension of the universe. You hold immense power, but in order to have access to all of that power, you must make a decision about where you want to take your life.

When you stay in uncertainty, you add a lot of energy to that uncertainty. The moment you make a decision, things start to move in life. Your power lies within you. Decide your next step and take it.

3. We Value Perfection Way Too Much

Perfection is harmful. Nothing keeps us striving so hard for something that can never be achieved like a love of perfection. Wanting to be perfect is a waste of time and it keeps people stuck doing the same thing over and over and over.

There will never be a perfect time to change your life. There will never be a time when every sphere of your life is perfect. There will always be fear. There will always be something you could be doing instead of going after your dreams. There will always be a birthday cake at a party whenever you’re on a diet. There will always be a party you could be at instead of studying.

There’s no point in waiting around for things to be perfect for us to go ahead and live our dreams. It ain’t going to happen that way. For more on this topic and how it blocks us from living our soul purpose, check out the video I made below:

4. We Complicate Things

A lot of people think that their soul purpose must involve saving the world in some way. Many think their purpose has to be some grand thing that must be remembered long after they’re gone.

But why do we need to be immortalized by our deeds when we are already immortal? Our souls are powerful and unending. ANYTHING we do has a massive impact on humanity. Do not undervalue yours or anyone else’s work because it is not big enough. Your purpose will make you feel fulfilled and when a fulfilled person goes out in the world and interacts with people, things change.

Think about how awesome it is to see a person that’s satisfied with their lives. That feeling is contagious. It makes us want to be better. It inspires us.

Whatever you want to do with your life is right. Don’t complicate it.

5. “Listen to the Whisper”

I just saw this great video of Steven Spielberg talking about finding your purpose in life and felt like he really hit the nail on the head. Check it out here:

Our purpose is not something that screams out at us, but rather something that is in the background. It’s like soft music that plays in the background of our lives and if we only stopped to listen, we’d have all the answers we need.

In order to listen to our soul we must be able to tune out the distractions of life and listen to our hearts. Because really, the world is full of opinions. It’s easy to get lost in the drama of the everyday. But when we are able to listen to ourselves, stay balanced and in touch with who we truly are, we remain grounded and live a life that is authentic to us. And who wouldn’t want that?

Do you ever feel like you’re looking everywhere for the answers?

Do you feel anxious and uncertain when you think about what you’re meant to do in this world?

Do you wish someone could teach you HOW to discover your soul purpose for yourself?

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