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Have you ever wanted to do something impossible?

You know, actually writing that book on writing a book, starting that Game of Thrones restaurant, being the first person to surf in every body of water in the world, or creating daily educational podcasts? Have you ever wanted to do something everyone said you couldn’t? 

Have you already thought to yourself, “This could work..”?

For this edition of the Superhero Academy podcast, Marc Angelo chats with John Lee Dumas, voice of Entrepreneur on Fire. Currently hosting a powerhouse educational podcast with over one million listens a month, he releases smart and informative podcasts every day of the week, and he did it with absolutely zero broadcasting experience.

John Lee Dumas wanted to feel inspired daily, to have an outlet where he could learn from entrepreneurs daring to strive for the impossible, but couldn’t find an educational podcast that aired daily. So he single-handedly turned this dream into a reality. He makes it clear that you won’t love this process at first but that not only is it normal, it’s what’s supposed to happen.

Discipline and strategy don’t come easily but John Lee’s techniques are simple, straightforward, and clear enough that you can try them out this very instant.

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Take a listen, and learn to ignite!

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Podcast Highlights

Main Questions 

  • How did you ignite this educational podcast? [1:15]
  • Where did you get the ideas and the inspiration to systematize everything you do? [5:30]
  • What is behind-the-scenes of building a passive income? [16:00]
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is it still creating the best daily podcasts? [22:45]

Key Points Made by Marc Angelo and John Lee Dumas

  • John Lee Dumas dabbled in a wide variety of projects for years, and it wasn’t until he was 32 that he figured out how to take control of his life. He found a solution in the stories of other entrepreneurs. [1:30]
  • John Lee Dumas’s early career as a logistics officer in the military inspired him to use his systematic skills to start his own daily educational podcast. [6:30]
  • By using deadlines and scheduling he proved his mentor wrong and produced a popular podcast every day, seven days a week. [7:30]
  • With no broadcasting experience, he made a routine he could stick to and began developing an on-air personality. He transformed vision into reality by trusting his ability to improve, and to grow to love a task that was at first unnatural. [9:00]
  • It is not about appealing to everyone, it’s about appealing strongly to the group that matters. Pick a niche for your own educational podcast and go deep with the material that will really resonate with your audience. [12:00]
  •  How it’s necessary to be careful while trying to expand your audience in order to avoid neglecting your first followers. [14:45]
  • If you want to earn enough passive income to reduce your workload, you have to heavily invest yourself into the work before you reach the next level. You can begin to remove yourself from processes once you’re successful. [16:40]
  • Learn to identify the 20% of things that are producing the 80% of your desired outcomes. Once you identify that percentage, you can begin to focus wholly on that and ignore the rest. [20:00]
  • Be purposeful about not planning too far ahead.  You need to be able to be agile and ready to pivot if needed. [23:00]

Powerful Quotes

  • “Like I need to eat my Wheaties, I needed to consume one [educational podcast] every day!” – John Lee Dumas [3:00]
  • “The biggest mistake that I see with entrepreneurs is that they want to resonate with everyone on day one. They want to come in and they want their podcast, their blog, whatever that might be, to resonate with everyone; they want the largest audience possible.” – John Lee [11:55]
  • “Entrepreneurs work like nobody is willing to for a few years, so that they can live like nobody is able to for the rest of their lives.” – John Lee Dumas [16:40]
  • “The number one thing [an entrepreneur can do]? One hundred percent? Have a good schedule.” – John Lee Dumas [22:20]


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