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Would you be angry with me if I told you that cancer can be the greatest thing to ever happen to someone? At first that may sound really insensitive, but what if cancer is not the problem, but rather the result of a problem? What if cancer is just the body’s way of warning us that urgent changes need to be made to our diet and lifestyle?

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When we start to view cancer as an alarm bell, raising money to find a ‘cure’ becomes less appealing because it doesn’t make sense to pour billions of dollars into research just to find a way to turn off our internal alarm. It’s like trying to stop a leaky hose without first turning off the mains. Perhaps this is why there are so many reoccurrences of cancer after treatment.

Like millions of people out there, my mother was raised to fear cancer. She was indoctrinated into a system that made her panic at the mere mention of the word.

It was unsettling to watch the backbone of our family crumble in my living room. Witnessing my mother shake and cry and repeat the words, “Get it out! I want it out! Get out it!” really changed me.

The surgeries were brutal and it took a lot for me to get over the bitterness and contempt I had for the medical industry. Some people call my mother a hero but I see her as a victim of a flawed system. You may call her brave, but she felt she had no other choice. It angers me that after billions of dollars in research and over 100 years of study, the best the medical industry had for my mother was to chop off her breasts.

Up until that time I hadn’t looked into where donations for cancer research actually go. Is it wrong of me to expect more from an industry that takes free money? We have the right to feel disappointed when the intention behind cancer research is to come up with a pharmaceutical cure that they intend to sell back to the people. Haven’t we paid and suffered enough?

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Now what if I told you that I’ve come up with something natural and cost effective that is continually overlooked by cancer researchers? Why won’t they study my discovery? Is it because SuperHeal is not profitable?

I’m not claiming it to be a cure by any means but SuperHeal has the potential to revolutionize how we address certain types of lumps and skin problems, and also act as a foundation to create new research projects.

It should have come as no surprise that when mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2012, she completely shut down. We pleaded with her not to have a double mastectomy and to consider other options because her case was very minor, but nothing was registering — she was physically present but her spirit had tuned out.

The Birth Of Superheal

Just months after mum’s ordeal, I paid $850 to have five fatty cysts removed from my Maltese dog Mishka’s body. Two weeks later, another large cyst appeared on her tail. I didn’t want to put Mishka through the pain of surgery again so I searched for alternatives.

I read about a study carried out at UCLA where they reported to have shrunk tumours by applying coconut oil and turmeric to mice. Riding on a hunch, I added one more food ingredient to make the mixture more effective and this is how SuperHeal was born. Seeing what my mother and my dog had gone through, I decided that products like these should be accessible to everyone, so even though we sell ready made SuperHeal for convenience, the recipe is and always will be available for free.

To share Mishka’s incredible results we launched the first Dog vs Lump video in October 2012.

It didn’t take long for the testimonials to start flooding in…

Anecdotal evidence relating to dogs, cats, horses, mice, rats and people, suggests that SuperHeal may have beneficial effects when applied to sebaceous cysts, lipomas, tumours, melanomas, bacterial and fungal infections, polyps (growth inhibition), solar keratosis, skin tags, haematomas, some warts and some skin growths.

SuperHeal’s ingredients are well documented as having strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and may also assist in wound healing.

Subsequently we have released another three Dog vs Lump videos to share how people have saved their dogs and themselves the trauma and costs of surgery.

For the latest FREE recipe and SuperHeal information click here:


Prevention is better than cure, and diet is everything. Please consult your doctor or veterinarian before using SuperHeal. We make no claims that SuperHeal will treat or cure you or your animals in any way, shape, or form. We were pleased with our results and we sincerely hope you will be too.

The Hidden Dangers Of Lumps

My mother’s diagnosis was a turning point in my life. I’d already started my journey into natural health and built a business developing organic food products for people and dogs but it wasn’t until her health was on the line that I found a strong passion for cancer research.

If there is one thing to take away from this article it’s this: whether you are contemplating using SuperHeal or any other method or treatment, getting rid of the lumps can be the easy part. Please do not celebrate early!

Cannabis oil is no more a cure than chemotherapy, water fasting, or juicing. SuperHeal may in some cases buy you or an animal time, and it may help cosmetically, but again, it is not a cure and it does not address the underlying problems that caused the lumps in the first place. All of these approaches may help to extend life or reverse cancer, but the true cure will be found in long-term diet and lifestyle changes and never in pharmaceutical drugs.

I hope that given all the mounting evidence against a number of lumps and skin problems, one day the cancer industry will stop ignoring us and study SuperHeal.

The video below features some of my favourite tips that I take into account every day to help my dogs live long and healthy lives. The best part is, the same tips apply to human health.

12 Life Changing Tips To Help Prevent Disease

Remember when I said that cancer can be the greatest thing to happen to someone? My mother’s diagnosis was a wake up call. She embraced a diet and lifestyle change – she eats clean, stresses less, goes for regular walks and takes in the fresh sea air. As for Mishka… she was born in mid 2001 and is still going strong because her situation motivated me to make more changes to her diet. Don’t fear cancer. Don’t hate the tumour, hate the cause. Be proactive. Take action.

Food IS medicine, and don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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