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“It’s just a small bump, I’ve had many patients who have had a lumpectomy and carry on with their lives in a short matter of months,” said a doctor giving me a cancer diagnosis over the phone. This will be the biggest challenge and test of fate for me, a 50 year old single mom of two university boys.

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I’ve had many bumps in the road, like many who go through crisis moments. This crisis moment helped me to formulate the powerful antidote of stepping back from the world to see the truth about cancer, and to share it with the hope that I can help someone else.

I learned to set healthy boundaries, to sit quietly and go within to take back my power. I loved myself enough to honour what my body truly needs to functionally heal on 3 levels: soul, mind, and body (in that order of importance).

“Can you tell me doctor, what is my body telling you it needs?” She couldn’t answer my question. After interviewing a few surgeons, oncologists, and nurses, something just didn’t seem right in their canned speech. I personally do not believe there is one doctor that can give me answers to the source of my cancer — unless they can read my soul and subconscious mind in addition to my body to tell me what created this tumour.

It can take a decade for a tumour to grow. You hear stories of how cancer comes back or other complications develop by taking carcinogenic drugs. In the moment, you fear, “Will I find doctors who understand the importance of holistic health?” and “Will they be able to communicate this to their superiors?”

Given how much information continues to surface, is now finally the time when the spiritual world meets with the scientific material world when it comes to our health? We know there are many ways of treating cancer, it’s just time for us to create a world where doctors can speak freely about them without the fear of losing their jobs.

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From day one, the surgeon knew I was a non-traditional patient. I study history, economics, the health care system, business models, and the non-mainstream science that isn’t shared with most doctors. I do have to give credit to some, as a few doctors I’ve come across have been open to conversations about both holistic and functional medicine. I had one in particular say to me, “God bless you for doing what you’re doing, it’s an epidemic and we are taught by Big Pharma, the statistics aren’t good…”

Even well-intentioned Naturopaths are restricted by having to outsource certain blood tests and medicines they need to compliment their credible work. If only we could have a team of doctors from all backgrounds working cohesively with patients; not only would we have more complete solutions but there would likely be less cases to eventually be solved.

What leads me to believe that the time for this merger is now, is the boom of social media and the internet. Whether the medical industry likes it or not, the internet has revealed to many of us the truth behind cancer and the many alternative treatments which exist to treat it. It must be frustrating for many doctors to have to deal with “aware” patients with an onslaught of questions that they can only discard in favour of what is widely accepted. Here is a video of an Oncologist’s nurse that chose to quit after her own working experience with several cancer patients:

Challenging The Current Approach

If Dr. Otto Warburg in 1931 won a Nobel Peace Prize for discovering the importance of keeping cells alkaline, why is there no prevention in our health care system? And why are we killing good and bad cells in the process to obtain “health”? Is it okay to gamble that the good cells will grow back faster than the cancer cells without the education of nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and the reason that the cancer may have started in the first place?

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bruce Lipton, whose research shows that we are not victims of our cells, genes, and DNA, and that we can instead change them through our biology of belief. Our thoughts can change our cells; therefore we can influence our immune system. The current medical business model operates on a story: RNA to DNA to protein. This is an old, old story that has never been proven.

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

What is particularly frustrating is when the mainstream insists that there is no scientific evidence to back any of the alternative approaches to cancer treatment. They won’t listen or respect the knowledge of a Naturopath, nor will they give credit to the patients who have followed their own research or external guidance to boost their immune system for positive results.

I personally have seen and experienced some of the biggest health care insurers call wealthy people “eccentric” for wanting access to medical records. I was present at a doctor’s symposium done by the University of Toronto where it was revealed that global business leaders buy into health care through legislation for their employees. This contributes to $52 billion dollars a year in losses from absenteeism by the way we are taught to heal.

A Naturopathic Understanding

Naturopathic doctors believe that we create cancer four times a day and that we clear cancer four times a day with healthy blood by gently building the immune system. They use homeopathy, special diets (to take fungus out of the body), plant biology, live blood analysis through dark field microscopy, spiritual healing, mindfulness, meditation, and exercise to strengthen the immune system and battle cancer.

Just before the turn of the century we had choices when it came to healing. We could go to the imperialists/naturopath doctors who used a more gentle approach to healing with herbal remedies, life coaching, and the general belief that the human body could heal itself. Or we could go to allopathic doctors who were more forceful, using techniques such as leaches to bleed poisons or surgeries without anesthetic.

What Triggered The Change In Approach?

I’ve come to understand that it was Andrew Carnegie, who led the Rockefeller’s and Morgan’s steel and oil funds to peddle the Universities and donate large amounts of money to build the education system around their health care system.

Since they were giving money, they wanted their staff to be on the board of directors that took over drug testing. The American Medical Association (AMA) was formed to give the power to allopathic doctors and to exclude all other doctors from practicing. “Medical publications” reviewed these drugs, labelling them as supposedly safe.

Shortly after this, US President Theodore Roosevelt launched the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), taking even more freedom of choice away from the general public.

You Can’t Patent Nature

Nothing that comes from nature can be patented. In the eyes of big business, if it can’t be patented, then the potential profits are so limited that it’s not worth testing and green lighting natural remedies for safety and efficacy.

Thankfully, there is a recent sign of hope. A plant called mistletoe has been the most studied alternative drug for cancer treatment. This plant/parasite has been available to European’s since 191o. There are only 52 doctors in the United States and a handful of doctors in Canada licensed to administer mistletoe.

In December, the FDA passed permission to the John Hopkins hospital to do the trials on the plant, and it is my opinion that the whole world will soon be astonished by the abilities of this plant — which the FDA cannot patent.

My Story Continues…

My diagnosis was given to me over the phone a week after the report was done by a doctor whom I don’t really know, since my family doctor elected to turn me away, sending the reports to this other practitioner. I have one of the rare and more aggressive forms of breast cancer, being in the 20% of people not expected to survive it.

A Naturopath has been treating me with the European protocol since October. Evidence showed and still shows my blood and my own natural defence system kicking into high gear to fight the cancer without any side effects. We are going into the ninth month since the biopsy. Since October I have improved in terms of energy level, and my blood cells continue to show improvement as my immune system gets stronger and stronger to heal this stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

I have no physical symptoms of cancer affecting my liver or other vital organs. According to alternative testing methods, my cellular life force energy is 1o/1o and my resistance level is 94/100 — with most people’s resistance level to change being between 4o-75.

My research and my own first-hand experience have led me to understand that it’s time for critical thinkers to help an old, industrial-age system change.

I come to you not only wanting to share my story, but to hopefully receive your support in changing the medical world. The more we are informed, the more we can openly trust, share,  and learn all elements of medical science without the ego getting involved. I firmly believe that this process needs to happen for the sake of humanity and our continued evolution.

Be a part of creating this change by following me on social media (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram) to stay in the loop on all current alternative health information. To better understand my work and to support me in my healing and educational process, please be sure to check out my personal website and Go Fund Me page. Any and all forms of help are greatly appreciated!

“If I could leave a legacy, health care would be affordable, referable and accessible to everyone no matter what your awareness is.” – Nadine Mercey


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