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There will be a New Moon in Gemini on June 4th/5th, which is the beginning of the 29.5 day Moon cycle. In astrological practice, we view New Moons as a new wave of energy happening as the Sun and Moon meet at the exact same point in the zodiac.

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New Moons aren’t significant new beginnings like Solar Eclipses (which happen biannually), but nonetheless they represent opportunities for new ways of expressing the energies of the different signs of the zodiac. It is important to note that the movements of both the farther and retrograde planets, along with Solar and Lunar Eclipses, signify the longer term ‘backdrop’ of what is happening in our lives.

Gemini: Social, Mental, Dualistic

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. It is associated with information, writing, speaking, dualities, and thought process. Gemini is also a fun sign known as the trickster, with a desire for knowledge motivated by curiosity.

Gemini is about sharing ideas and adapting to different viewpoints. Even if we are fixed in our views or intellectually independent, we can still still learn something of value from a perspective that we don’t fully agree with.

The way we express ourselves through words is also part of the Gemini realm. This sign values using either the most correct, suitable, or effective choice of words for any given situation.

New Moon Conjunct Venus

This New Moon is aligned with Venus, which is also in Gemini. This is the planet of beauty, love, money, pleasure, and creativity. Venus brings out the social and fun aspects of Gemini and encourages pleasant thoughts and communication. The theme of duality may also be present in Venus-ruled areas.

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The Ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is in Venus’ sign Taurus, while Venus is in Mercury’s sign. This is known as ‘mutual reception,’ which is when both planets assist one another. Mercury is also separating from an ‘Earth Grand Trine.’ This strengthens the Venus themes mentioned above and also brings in the need to think practically and have a good sense of worth. Gemini calls for adaptability, but Mercury in Taurus can keep us anchored enough so that we don’t drift too far away from our ‘center’.

Mutable Grand Cross

This New Moon will be part of a Grand Cross pattern which is when 4 or more planets form 90° (or close to 90°) angles with each other, creating a ‘cross’ on the zodiac wheel. It will occur in mutable signs, which are associated with both versatility but also scatteredness. Mutable signs are the last sign of each season and are about adapting and preparing for something new.

nm-gem-2016At this time, we may be overwhelmed by circumstances in different areas of our lives that could be clashing with each other. This can create an opportunity for much needed growth in our personal evolution.

Part of the Grand Cross includes a square to Neptune and the South Node in Pisces, which means it is connected to the last Solar Eclipse we had in the same sign. There may be a conflict or challenge with our wounds, patterns, and behaviours we carry from our past that we need to overcome to fulfill our duties and our goals. It can be related to escapism, delusional thinking, and/or deceptive behaviour.

The North Node in Virgo, also square this New Moon and opposing the Pisces placements, shows a need to move towards being more efficient, healthy, and organized. With Jupiter close by in the same sign (since mid-August 2015), we can either be motivated ourselves to pursue these things or be forced into doing so by circumstance, perhaps related to an overwhelming amount of duties.

Saturn in Sagittarius is opposite this New Moon and square both the Pisces and Virgo placements mentioned above. This can create resistances in different situations due to limitations in our belief systems and/or it can facilitate a process of redefining our belief systems.

Making Intentions For This New Moon

Do you need to make changes with your thought process so that you can better handle your life? Do you have happy thoughts or are you always caught in negative thought patterns due to your old wounds? How can you communicate in a way that comes across better? Are you hesitant to step out of your comfort zone and do something new or do what is ‘needed’ during this current period?

During this New Moon your intentions can be related toward facilitating improvements and gaining strength in these Gemini-ruled areas. It is best to either write them down, say them out loud, or even draw images to reflect what you intend and then put it up somewhere on a wall or another place you will see it. If you like, you can also do this after lighting a candle and/or incense, which will amplify the effect of the intention. Keep in mind, however, that ultimately what will actually manifest in our lives needs to align with the current phase of our personal growth and evolution, as well as what is in the best interest of that process.

ce-astrology-ad-feb-2016-250x250The best time to do your intentions is as close to the New Moon as possible, at either the exact time or right after it actually occurs. If that isn’t possible, then you can also do it within the first 24 hours afterwards. The exact moment of this New Moon will occur at 2:59am Universal Time on June 5th. You can click here to find out when that will be in your time zone.

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