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Last week in Israel, a World War II veteran reunited with the man he helped save from a Nazi Concentration camp 71 years ago.

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It’s hard not to feel emotional as you watch Marcel Levy, now 90, and Sid Shafner, now 94, tearfully embrace each other.

“Everything I have today, all of my children, grand children and great grand children, is due to you,” Marcel told Sid, reported ABC News. Sid helped liberate Marcel along with an estimated 30,000 other prisoners from the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany in 1945.

According to CBS Denver, when Marcel was rescued, he was the only member of his family to survive, so Sid asked him to join him as the troop’s dishwasher and Marcel accepted the offer.

Shafner said tearfully, “He hugged and kissed me” and “I hugged and kissed him,” reports ABC news.

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