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Prince is a public figure that many people loved as an artist, musician, person of beliefs, and creative force unlike any other. A very unique person, one of a kind, who used a symbol as a name. I had a Facebook friend post that Prince had shown up in her dream and someone commented that he had dreamed of Prince as well. What to make of this flurry of Prince appearances?

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People often have dreams of celebrities that they admire or who are notorious because the media is covering them nonstop, therefore putting them in the forefront of our minds. You might also dream of people who are historical or public figures.

The President, rock and roll stars, actors, even Stephen Hawking or Elvis and so on. However, I think Prince spoke to many people in very personal way, so each person’s relationship to him will affect how that dream is to be interpreted.

Most of our dreams are what we call in Dream Speak, progressive dreams. Progressive dreams are all about you and what your unconscious mind is processing. Everyone in your dreams is just a reflection of some unconscious component of yourself. Like the funhouse room of many mirrors, all the characters in your dream are really you.

Why is Prince in so many people’s dreams? Could be two reasons.

First reason is the one I explained above. The Prince who is showing up in your dreams is the part of yourself that incorporates the three main characteristics that you think of when you think of Prince. To you, he may symbolize uniqueness, a superlative creative force, and even a magical or ethereal quality. To run with that, those are all the qualities of yourself that are being shown to you now. Whatever action Prince is taking in the dream is the action that your unconscious mind wants you to pay attention to about yourself.

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Say you’re having great sex with Prince, for example. Then you would take the three things that you think about when you think of Prince and those are the qualities or characteristics of yourself that you are integrating/marrying into yourself. This is a way of letting go of independent components in your mind, what we call programs, and becoming one with them, which makes your conscious and unconscious minds more whole and balanced. Really great thing to have sex with Prince! Or with anyone really. (See my article on Sex in Dreams).

If Prince came to you in a dream and began singing to you, that would be an emotional display of those characteristics that your unconscious mind wants you to pay attention to. If you feel soothed or elated by this display of emotion (music), then that is what your unconscious mind wants you to accept about yourself.

Prince is not Prince in the dream, he is just a part of you.

One the other hand, as we say over here in Hawaii, Prince has just walked the rainbow and his essential self is now free and without a body. This brings up the second but far less likely interpretation.

Perhaps Prince’s spirit did come to you in your dream to deliver a personal message. This most often happens when you have had a very tight personal relationship with a person. Relatives and close friends will sometimes show up in your dream to comfort you, to relay a personal message, or to just be there with you.

This is what we call a Shamanic Dream, very different from the normal progressive dream that is all about you.

You can tell the difference between a regular progressive dream and a Shamanic Dream because they feel very different. There is “specialness” about the dream, a feeling of otherness. And of course, there being a recently deceased loved one in your dream is a “dead” give away. This is a pretty common occurrence right before and after a person walking the rainbow. Usually the message/feeling is very emphatic and impressive. Most people will comment “but if felt so real!”

It is not uncommon when you admire someone who has impacted your life in any way that your unconscious mind will use them to symbolize something that is happening in your progressive dreams. It might not be Prince, but David Bowie, Robin Williams, Elvis, or Princess Diana –anyone that your unconscious knows of that would signify those qualities or characteristics about yourself that it wants you to stop and consider.

If you had a personal connection with Prince in HIS life, there is a possibility that he might be showing up in your dream to convey some message to you. However, a recently passed soul usually is busy with important transition matters, as I well know being the author of Talking to the Living and the Dead – he most likely won’t be stopping by a fan’s dreams.  Usually, only if you have a strong soul connection is this likely to occur. No matter what you think of the King, Elvis most likely isn’t coming knocking at your dream door.

Prince may be showing up because of his recent transition and the unconscious mind is using that as the backdrop or wallpaper of your dream. This is an indicator that the dream is referring to a recent event. If the dream is set at a time in your life that you idolized Prince, just had to watch Mork and Mindy, or when Princess Di was all the rage, then those would be timeframes that the dream is signifying.

Most likely, your dreams of Prince are you embracing a part of yourself that he who was the symbol, symbolized.

That’s why it is so important to understand the language of your dreams – everything put in your dream is no mistake. You can learn more about your dreams by getting my book, Dream Analysis Handbook, on, or I do personal Skype and phone sessions. You can go to my website at for more information or to set up an private appointment by emailing me at

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