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When you align your goals, you align yourself.

Chances are, what’s really holding you back from you accomplishing your goals is yourself — your focus, your energy levels, your time. James Clear is an expert on productive habits and how to not just master your skill set but master your mind. I took advantage of the conversation with James Clear to discuss the best ways to align goals, ambitions and habits to match who you are as a person.

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Almost everyone struggles with the question of whether what they’re working on makes sense and what they could be doing better. James’ solutions are simple and easy to integrate into nearly anyone’s daily life. Tune in to this podcast to hear about those and even more inspiring skills that will help ensure your lifestyle is full and productive, and that you can get more done every single day.

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Powerful Quotes

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• “There are a lot of things that you know the solution to, that you already know how to do, but you just don’t do them.” – James Clear [9:05]

• “Just be consistent in what you do. Do what you do all the time and it will grow itself.” – MarcAngelo Coppola [10:50]

• “The [priorities] that you did not circle, items six through twenty-five on your list, those are your ‘never do under any circumstances’ list.” – James Clear [27:00]



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