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There are few experiences more remarkable than pregnancy. Even though, as a man, I will never have the opportunity to go through it firsthand, I do have a wealth of secondhand experience with it.

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One of my best female friends is currently pregnant, and just over a year and a half ago my sister — with whom I am incredibly close — gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Even just as an observer, the entire process is fascinating and the end result is inarguably magical.

Yet seeing how tumultuous pregnancy can be for the expectant mother, I was happy to come across an adorable series of illustrations capturing one woman’s journey toward childbirth. French illustrator, graphic designer, and mother to be Marie-Charlotte Yao has decided to visually blog about her pregnancy through a series of simple illustrations.

Titled ‘What It’s Like To Be Pregnant: My Diary For My Future Daughter,’ the project is wonderful to follow along with, whether you have or haven’t ever been pregnant. Here are some of the illustrations that I particularly enjoyed, but I encourage you to check out the entire gallery HERE.



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Marie-Charlotte’s work stands out by humorously capturing both the beautiful and the difficult elements of becoming a mother, offering an insider’s look into an experience many people will never have. It also helps prepare expecting parents for both the good and the bad, generating excitement while also setting up realistic expectations for the challenges to come.

Marie-Charlotte isn’t the first talented artist to capture their life experiences through a series of drawings. In April, I wrote an article about illustrations depicting the love between dads and their daughters, and in February I shared the drawings of a man who decided to capture his relationship every day for an entire year.

All of these galleries gave me a greater appreciation for some of the most wonderful experiences in life, and I hope that my sharing of them does the same for you.

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