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Conventional media is heavily censored and controlled to showcase what governments and other institutions want you to watch. As a result, media outlets have you learning about the latest Hollywood scandals instead of what’s going on around the world.

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That being said, numerous celebrities are starting to use their voices to inspire and educate others and raise consciousness. Leonardo DiCaprio has participated in the production of numerous environmental documentaries, Matt Damon has shed light on the corruption in banking systems and governments, and Robert De Niro has voiced his concerns on vaccines, to name a few.

However, it often takes people years to recognize these issues, let alone develop the courage to risk their reputations and speak out about them. That is part of what makes Matthew Espinosa so unique; at the age of 16, he developed a significant following on social media and unlike many other celebrities, he realized his fame was an opportunity to better humanity.

His passion to inspire positive social change became evident to us during our podcast starring Matthew Espinosa on The G & Coletti Show.

Matthew Espinosa’s Journey to Fame and Consciousness

Matthew’s fandom skyrocketed after one of the videos he shared on Vine went viral, quickly exposing him to the Hollywood lifestyle. Many celebrities become blinded by fame and allow it to take over their lives; however, Matthew knew he did not want to pursue that path.

At the young age of 16, he declined numerous movie contracts and chose to follow his intuition, or his gut as he explained, which told him he had found fame to serve a greater purpose. He recognized that with his growing fan base came a huge responsibility. Anything he posted on social media would directly affect millions of people and more specifically, young, impressionable girls. As a result, Matthew chose to start using his social media as a tool to share knowledge with others to inspire personal growth and raise consciousness.

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Why Social Media and Movies Can Help Create Positive Social Change

Once Matthew realized that his true purpose was to inspire others, he started using visualizations to achieve his goals, otherwise known as manifestations. He realized that there was more to life outside of social media, despite what many teenagers believe. However, can we really blame youth for focusing so heavily on their online presence? Children are led to believe that their only concerns should be to get an education and earn a higher social standing, which can only be achieved through a diploma and networking.

Matthew discussed this issue further in our podcast, as this ultimately fuelled his desire to pursue a career in social media and acting. He believes that movies are an excellent form of education that can help relay powerful messages to young viewers. Matthew hopes to inspire younger generations to think outside of the box and not be afraid to address topics outside of the social norms associated with their age demographic. Matthew’s first movie, Be Somebody, was recently released, the plot line of which surrounds a young man who finds fame and appears to have it all, but really has nothing. It relates to his own journey towards finding himself; as Matthew explained in our podcast, “we’re a puzzle piece in this big Earth and if we’re not being ourselves, we’ll never fit in.”

It is clear that there is a social movement on the rise in Hollywood and Matthew Espinosa stands as a living example of that. At only 18 years old, Matthew is extremely self-aware and is an inspiration to those of us searching to find our true purpose or looking to reinvent ourselves. To hear Matthew Espinosa discuss his life path in his own words, click the Soundcloud link below or go to the Collective Evolution podcast page (The G and Coletti Show). We get personal with Matthew and discuss fame, the power of positivity, the law of attraction, social media, how to create positive change, his upcoming movie, and much more.

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