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Long gone are the days when picture taking was done sparingly. Rather than needing to lug around something bulky, or being limited to just 24 shots, nearly all of us are now walking around with an HD camera with near infinite capacity in our pocket.

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The result of this advancement? An endless amount of photos being taken, posted, liked, and shared of anything and everything, and the true birth of a particular form of picture: the selfie.

Like so many of us, Cassie Martin has joined in the trend by regularly taking and posting pictures of herself on Instagram through her account @cassiethegypsy. However, what sets Cassie apart from the rest of us is the unique online relationship she seems to have developed with her father.

Wanting to explain to his daughter how he perceives her many¬†“sexy selfies,” Burr Martin (@therealburrmartin) decided to mimic them. This decision has not only caught the attention of his daughter, but has slowly captivated the viral world. Here are some of selfies Burr has remade:

While many will argue that Burr’s decision has resulted in even more people seeing his daughter’s photos, it certainly is a unique take on parenting. Rather than always simply telling our children what and what not to do, perhaps occasionally showing them it in a different context could be more effective.

Whether or not that turns out to be the case with Burr and Cassie, I believe it’s important we always consider all possible alternatives when it comes to communicating with younger generations.

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There may only be a 20-40 year difference between you and your child, but thanks in large part to the internet, the world has changed in so many ways over that time, and there is now so much more to be cautious about.

Even if you aren’t a parent, this post offers us a lot more than a good laugh. For me, it serves as a reminder to really consider what I choose to post on social media and why. Does it offer some form of value to anyone that comes across it? Or is it simply a cry for attention? And furthermore, is what I am presenting even an accurate depiction of who I truly am?

Let me know your thoughts on Burr’s hilarious parenting decision via the comment section below.

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