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What does it take to really make it in Hollywood? Or to achieve any seemingly unattainable goals?

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Connections? Talent? Money?

What if I told you that you don’t need any of these things? When thinking about those really big goals, we often believe that a lack of resources will hold us back, and that the people who do achieve these goals have some kind of advantage. Often we choose to settle for something that seems more reasonable and carries less risk of failure.

But after interviewing Matthew Espinosa for The G and Coletti Show, it would appear that self-doubt is what cripples us, not circumstance. We need only to believe we can do something in order to achieve it. As Tony Robbins once said in his very popular TED talk…

“The defining factor is never resources; it’s resourcefulness.”

Matthew Espinosa was born and raised in Virginia with his mother, father, and three siblings. He enjoyed playing football and lacrosse and hanging out with friends. Like many children, he dreamed of becoming a famous actor.

He led a fairly typical life.

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But Matthew is wise beyond his years, and this is where I believe he separates from the herd. He appears to be very in tune with himself and he makes decisions based on his gut feelings, almost like a sixth sense. Can you imagine any other 18 year old turning down movie roles because his gut told him it wasn’t the right time? It ended up being the right thing to do, but he could easily have missed his ticket to the big time.

Here is a recap of the techniques that Matthew used during his rise to fame.


As a child he would stare at the television screen and imagine that he was in the movie or show — a lifelong passion and dream of his. Later on in life, his high school football coach taught him to visualize his intentions. He speaks about closing his eyes and really feeling what it is like to catch the ball and watch out for opposing players.

Key Takeaway: Visualize with as much passion as possible and try to imagine every subtle detail of what that experience feels like.


While interviewing Matthew, his confidence in himself became apparent almost immediately. He seemed so sure of his every move that I couldn’t help but wonder where this unwavering self-belief came from. He is only 18! Perhaps that is a key characteristic in someone who can make the impossible possible — being immune to the judgements and opinions of others rather than being easily swayed by them can help you keep your focus and efforts directed at your goal.

Trust Your Gut (Intuition)

Imagine being an 18 year old kid and having big movie execs offer you an opportunity to star in a movie. That’s what happened to Matthew several times and he turned them down each time. Everyone around him thought he was crazy and that he should take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but   his unwavering belief in himself and his ability to make the right decision served him well, and against all odds, he came out on top.

Believe That There Is A Higher Purpose At Play

All too often do you hear of a young Hollywood star crumbling under the strain of fame and fortune, but Matthew’s story is different. He lives in LA but rarely goes out to party, only once every 2 months or so, and doesn’t feel the need for constant gratification because he believes that there is more to his life than partying and getting wasted. He views this gift as an opportunity to touch the lives of many people and doesn’t feel entitled to waste it away. His life has meaning and purpose that is far greater than himself.

Watch Things Unfold And Build Momentum

The law of attraction requires you to truly and honestly believe that your desired goal is attainable and is going to happen. Admittedly, this is easier said than done, and we all have doubts at one point or another. With every victory or ‘right move’ Matthew gained more confidence in his ability to make wise choices and thus increased his belief in achieving progressively loftier goals.

According to an interview we did with Mathew Espinosa, this belief in himself and his intuition has rarely steered him wrong. Not only listening to that inner voice but also telling your subconscious mind exactly what you’re looking for can pay off big time, producing an ever-stronger loop of positive vibes that will help propel you into the life you desire.

If you want to hear Mathew explain these techniques in his own words as well as the challenges that came along the way, check out our podcast with him here.

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