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It can be hard to admit when you need a fresh start to create your own opportunities. You’ve put time and energy into getting exactly where you are, but almost everyone eventually hits a point where they realize, “Man, this just isn’t working out.”

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Starting over might be the most intimidating concept you can face, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. If you keep your focus on what it can bring you — boundless opportunities, the freedom to create the life you dream of, and a sense of validation from newfound success — then this intimidating next step can actually become an incredible experience.

If you’ve begun to think it’s time for a fresh start in any, or all, aspects of your life, then rest assured that you have a lot to look forward to. Like a brand new hairstyle, the nerves that you wrestle with before the first cut eventually will give way to a newfound sense of identity as you see your new image form in front of your eyes.

So instead of continuing to struggle with a dead-end path, why not take steps toward creating your own opportunities?

5 Fresh Steps To Take

  1. Build up a savings account by taking on additional side work and cutting expenses wherever you can.
  2. Seek out new opportunities by reaching out to the experts in an industry you admire. Even if it’s just a general email or on Facebook, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to contact these pros.
  3. If their advice is good and they seem open to helping someone new, approach them about a mentorship. At the very least, they’ll be flattered by the request.
  4. Start building out the basics of a project that you’d like to run on your own.
  5. Get a good idea of what you need to make that project happen, and make sure you take one concrete step toward that every day.

Be serious and thorough when you’re planning out the steps required to make your fresh start. If you really understand what you need in terms of time, budget, training, or additional help, then you should be able to mark a calendar for the day that you can finally pull the trigger and switch to full gear on your new direction.

And until that point, you should know exactly what you need to accomplish each and every day to make sure that goal isn’t delayed an inch. This will keep you motivated, but will also provide opportunities for you to rejoice every time you hit a milestone and every day you cross off the calendar.

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Birth Of A Phoenix

The thought of creating your own opportunities is the birth of many entrepreneurs — a siren call to create the opportunity you wish was already there in the world. This is how Nathan Chan found his strengths.

After deciding that what he really wanted to do was become a marketer, he created his own opportunity by founding his own magazine and began reaching out to experts who were achieving their dreams. By distilling the best secrets and tips they had found themselves, and sharing those with his audience, he grew a dedicated following with tremendous potential.

The makings of greatness are not necessarily in natural skill — often it’s the dedication and resourcefulness of being able to find the solutions and expertise that you need most at any given time that allow you to create your own opportunities in life.

Tune in to listen to the expert on appealing to experts, Nathan Chan, discuss with Marc Angelo the merits of social entrepreneurism, being your own biggest backer, and utilizing untapped resources.

It doesn’t take much to begin forming a new path for yourself, and though the obstacles ahead may seem like a lot to handle, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the mountains move out of your way. If you’re truly passionate about your new goal, there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t get started today.

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