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This is an article for anyone curious about psychedelics or for those who want to reflect on their use of them.

Let’s start by setting the record straight about psychedelics: they are what you make them. More than any other psychoactive substance, psychedelics can have a massive range of effects.
Your experience with psychedelic substances can be life changing, for better or for worse. How you approach your experiences with them will be the main determinant between a good trip and a bad one.

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It’s worth taking the time to think about your use of them, whether it’s about to be your first time or if you’ve had your fair share of walks through infinity. While I am certainly not a neurophysiologist or an academic in the field of drug research I have done some… field work, shall we say.

My use of psychedelics has been transformative. I’ve had moments where I have made leaps and bounds in my understanding of self, my purpose, and the nature of the universe. I’ve also been in the pits of hell, thinking I would surely die…

Yeah, I’ve had some bad trips.  

But I also know what it’s like to experience pure bliss and joy and feel a love that I’ve only found in my deepest meditations and in my most intense emotional experiences with a lover. Amazing would be an understatement.

Based on my experiences, I’ve put together a field guide for doing psychedelics.

Here’s how NOT to do psychedelic drugs.

Do It Randomly & Without Purpose

Psychedelics are powerful substances. They can open up areas of your brain and connect you to energies you never thought possible. Because of the intensity of experience, your journey with psychedelics should be infrequent.  
Overuse of psychedelics can lead to a distorted view of our shared reality. I have met people who are truly living on another planet after abusing drugs like LSD too often.
Any psychedelic should be treated with great respect. I recommend doing it no more than 6 to 8 times a year. This will allow for an appropriate amount of time to reflect on what you may have learned during your trip before embarking on your next journey.

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Psychedelics are teachers, not escape mechanisms. If you treat them as a way to escape sobriety then they will punish you. Sometimes terribly so.

Do It Inside

Now this one is up for debate, but I highly recommend doing powerful psychedelics in the outdoors only. The medicines will allow you to communicate with the energies and matter from which we came. Being out in nature will take your experience to a whole other level. I find that being inside (like in your friend’s dingy basement) is a surefire way to feel trapped and disconnected while on your trip. This is the last thing you want.

Do It With People You Don’t Know

If you’re new to expanding your mind with drugs, then you should only do it around people that you trust. Your new experience can be exciting, blissful, but also disorienting. You may feel vulnerable and confused. This is why it’s great to have a trusted friend around. Their reassuring presence will bring you comfort and allow you to let go and experience the now.

Do It With A Lot of People Around

For the same reasons, do try and keep your group small. Even if you know everyone, I don’t recommend a group larger than 4 people. A smaller and more intimate group will make for a better experience. You may remember your time with these people for the rest of your life.

Do It Without a Mentor or Shaman

If you and some friends are all trying a psychedelic for the first time, you should seek out someone more experienced, wise, and mature. This person should ideally be sober during your trip. Psychedelics can be unpredictable. You’ll want someone there who can guide you through any rough patches.

Do It And Tell Everyone You Know

It is best to keep your experience between you and a few people that you trust. It’s unfortunate, but some may judge you harshly for speaking of it. Live in your truth, but try not and spill your cup of truth wine on the white shirts of those with closed minds.

Do It Without Checking The Source

I can’t stress this enough. You have to know and trust your source. On more than one occasion, I was given a drug that was different than what I ordered. This can be terrifying for some and have you averse to experiencing psychedelics in the future, which would be a shame. I recommend sourcing your substance a month ahead of time. You don’t want to compromise on quality last minute because it was all you could find and people are counting on you to bring the goods.  

Mix Them With Other Drugs

Drugs each have their own unique effect. When you mix two different drugs, you produce a whole new effect. Unless you are highly experienced and have excellent sources, I would never mix psychedelics with other drugs. You may be creating a Frankenstein monster that will be hanging out in your brain for a while.

Go In With Fear

Psychedelics will magnify underlying emotions. It’s best not to do it when pushed for time or if your mind is plagued with stress and doubt (although it can help this, just be prepared for a bumpy ride first!). Go in with a sense of calm and you will have a much more enjoyable experience.
Some people say psychedelics are not for everyone, but I disagree. They are for everyone, but only at the right time and place in their lives. Make sure that it is the right time and place for you.

This is a list based off my own experiences. If you have something to share from your own research, then please leave a comment below! You could really help someone with your knowledge 🙂

Check out a podcast we did on the G & Coletti show with an Ayahuasca shaman.

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