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We have reached a point where car manufacturers should no longer have the option to produce different kinds of cars. They should be forced to make electric cars. The days of fossil fuels are coming to an end, as more and more people are starting to realize the power and potential of clean energy technology. Not long ago, the world’s largest private bank, UBS, urged investors to join the clean, renewable energy movement. Analysts at the bank say that power plants in Europe might become extinct within the next 10 to 20 years, and since their recommendations, a number of big companies have begun investing in clean energy — and it’s about time. If we took action collectively and intelligently, this transition could happen quickly. We have so much potential to create positive change, and to create an experience where we live in harmony with our planet instead of destroying it.

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It wasn’t long ago when the Netherlands opened the first Solar Roadway for public use. Now, the British government is testing out a new road technology that would allow electric cars to charge while they drive, eliminating the need for drivers to stop and recharge. The technology is already being used in South Korea.

Most drivers currently recharge their cars through plug-in-chargers in their garage. There are also power charging stations people can go to, but these must be visited frequently and require people to stop and wait.

These new roads offer a much more convenient alternative. Through what is called magnetic induction technology, cables placed underneath the highway generate electromagnetic fields that are picked up by a receiver in the car, which converts that energy into electric power.

Regular drivers are not yet allowed to test this out, as the current trials are limited to test areas where there is little traffic. The project, which will be run over the next five years, received 1 billion pounds in government funding last year.

 The government is also expanding the number of charging stations available in the country, so there will be a plug every 20 miles.

What’s The Drawback? Same Story We Hear Every Single Time

followingAside from the red tape of bureaucracy, our move towards clean energy technology continues to be impeded by a lack of resources. Simply put, new technology is expensive, and changing infrastructure to accommodate it even more so.  Various projects have been halted for being too pricey, and funding is a constant worry when exploring the many technologies that have the potential to change our world forever. Money currently places a huge stranglehold on our society, countries are in debt, and those who hold the balance of power continue to manipulate us by controlling the monetary supply.
John C. Calhoun, the 7th Vice President of the United States, told us that “a power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many, and various, and powerful interests, combined into one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in the banks.” (source)
Many other political figures have echoed this warning. To view some similar statements, you can read this article.
At the end of the day, it’s not economics holding us back, it’s corporate greed. Those who are above and beyond money are using it as a tool to control every aspect of our lives, and they are slowing our progress as a species.
This doesn’t have to be a planet where you die if you cannot pay for your life. We can do better than that.

“As difficult as it was for me, I’ve come to an inescapable and profoundly disturbing conclusion. I believe that an elite group of people and the corporations they run have gained control over not just our energy, food supply, education, and healthcare, but over virtually every aspect of our lives; and they do it by controlling the world of finance. Not by creating more value, but by actually controlling the source of money.”

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– Foster Gamble

It is these small groups of people and the corporations they run who play a large role in preventing technological breakthroughs from being implemented quickly, especially when it comes to anything that threatens the oil industry.

Below is a wonderful segment from the THRIVE documentary that perfectly illustrates what I mean.

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