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At CE we’re often asked, “What can I do to change the world? How can I help?” And often, our response seems overly simplistic. People believe that in order to make a difference you have to look outside of yourself and make some grand gesture, but the truth is, change starts from within.

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Each of us has the ability to inspire the world to change. Society says you have to take the clothes off your back. Society says you have to donate to charity. Society says you have to feed the homeless. Eventually, none of these things are good enough for ‘society.’

All the above steps are helpful and can make a difference, but if you’re doing an act of kindness based solely on the principle that you should do it or don’t know what else to do, then it might not be enough for longterm change to happen.

But sometimes we travel in the hopes of discovering a new passion for life; we want to be inspired, to view our lives differently, to see the positive again. In order for this to happen, however, we must first push ourselves outside our comfort zones and take action.

The following is a short film Kai Stänicke called Golden.

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This film follows the natural growing pains of life, from infant to man. The only difference is that he hid his true self from the world and his family and it wasn’t until he chose to recognize the beautiful being dwelling inside that he found true happiness. Not only that, but he helped to inspire the people around him to recognize their true potential as well.

So how do you change the world?


By being your authentic, unapologetic self.

Society stifles our belief that we can do the things we love and still be happy. By pursuing your passion and expressing your true self, you can make big changes in this world. You can inspire others to do the same.

The fact that some people live in fear of this natural born given gift is a catastrophe.

You are valuable, and your voice really does matter.

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