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Below is a statement that was given in June by Dr. Jill Stein , an American physician, activist, and politician. She is currently the Green Party’s presumptive presidential nominee for the 2016 election. Her statement echoes the words of many others in previous years, including Theodore Roosevelt,  who once told the world that “presidents are selected, not elected,” and that “behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” (source) To see more quotes similar to this one, you can read this article we published in September of 2015.

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She says:

This is kind of what many people have foreseen all along, it was kind of in the cards, the democratic machine has very steeply tilted the playing field from the beginning by limiting the debates, limiting the exposure of Bernie Sanders, some very questionable election practices, 100,000 voters disappearing from the rolls in Brooklyn, some very questionable things that happened in the democratic primary in California. . . . Needless to say, the super delegates have massively tipped the playing the field, and the announcement the night before by major news organizations that Hillary Clinton had already clinched it — hard to call that just a coincidence . . . This is what the Democratic Party has done for decades, many decades. (source)

It was great to see Jill acknowledge how corrupt the democratic process has become. This year’s electoral process, while a complete circus, has at least served to highlight how rigged the elections truly are. The super delegate process alone completely undermines democracy, and most politicians seem to be little more than puppets to corporations and the banks who control them. Every four years, we are led to believe that our voices are heard, that we cast our votes and make a difference. But this is false. The people have completely lost control of their country, and as we move through 2016 and beyond we continue to see a heightened state of fear, and an environment in which our basic rights are being stripped for us. This is one aspect out of many that suggests we are heading toward a New World Order that certain groups so desperately desire.

She went on to say that “over the years, the party has allowed principle candidates to be seen and heard, but has at the end of the day sabotaged them . . . often through fear campaigns and smear campaigns” and that “in many ways the Democratic party creates campaigns that fake left while it moves right and becomes more corporatist, more militarist, more imperialist, this is why it’s hard to have a revolutionary campaign inside of a counter-revolutionary party.”  

You can watch the full video with Democracy Now here, it’s where the quotes above come from.

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Using Fear To Control The Masses

“This electoral system that tells you to vote against what you’re afraid of and not for what you believe . . . This politics of fear has actually delivered everything we were afraid of.”

– Jill Stein

In many cases, politics is just a form of entertainment, a high stakes season of reality television. It’s become more of a popularity contest now than it is about the real planetary change that is so desperately needed at this time. Candidates are pitted against one another and so, rather than voting for who we want, we vote against who we don’t want. We’re forced to pick the lesser of two evils, to choose who we fear less.

Take a look at the video below where Bernie Sanders is booed by his supporters for endorsing Hillary Clinton. To many Sanders supporters, this was a complete sellout. Many are still asking the question, how is this even possible? After criticizing Hillary Clinton for so long, to support her out of fear of having Donald Trump elected is not right.

But fear has always been used to control the masses. It has been used to convince us that the ‘war on terror’ is necessary and just, and it has led to the rise of Islamophobia across the United States. Without fear, the elite cannot control the masses. Fear of walking down the street without being shot by a police officer, fear of getting sick if you don’t take the right pills or get the right shots — the list literally goes on and on. Most of us live our lives and base our actions and life decisions in fear — “do this or else this could happen” — and we don’t even consciously recognize it.

Is this all one clever tactic to make Hillary Clinton look like a great selection?

Obviously, Donald Trump is a joke and should not be president, but Hillary is no better. Yet it doesn’t matter who becomes president, because they aren’t the ones running the show. Corporations and banks dictate government policy and politics just serve to distract us from this fact. To me, Jill Stein looks like the best candidate right now, but a person who is honest and unpaid will never gain power. We need to stop wasting our time on this broken system and focus on things that matter. We keep going through this same process, over and over again, expecting things to change, and they never do.



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