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“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
– Bob Marley
Have you ever found that the music you listen to directly influences the quality of your mood, or emotions? Most, if not all of us, can answer this question by saying yes — but now science is beginning to back up the direct correlation between music and mental states, with research showing that the sounds we choose to listen to can lead to a greater quality of life all around.
According to scientists at the University of Missouri, listening to upbeat music can be a natural mood booster. “Our work provides support for what many people already do – listen to music to improve their moods,” said lead author Yuna Ferguson, who performed the study while she was an MU doctoral student in psychological science.
“Although pursuing personal happiness may be thought of as a self-centered venture, research suggests that happiness relates to a higher probability of socially beneficial behavior, better physical health, higher income and greater relationship satisfaction,” she continued.
In just two weeks of listening to more positive music, people can successfully improve their moods/emotions and boost overall happiness.
Science has also shown that brain waves can actually be modified by music and sound (called entrainment), and a neuroscience music company called is leading research to validate this thesis.
Using AI based technology, is able to generate music that can aid in focus, relaxation, meditation, power naps, and sleep. The team conducted several controlled studies using EEG analyses in relation to the music’s effect on the brain, and the results were equally impressive as they were interesting (see: Neuroscientists Test Our Music).
Music affects our subconscious when we listen to music. Lyrics, themes in songs and overall feelings convey a specific message to our subconscious especially when we listen often. Just like you choose your news stations carefully, we can also choose our music carefully.
Note: Their EEG analyses are not peer-reviewed published studies yet.
To learn even more about music’s direct effect on mood, and the science behind sound, click here.

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