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Paradigm shifts reflect energetic changes that impact all of humanity. The invention of the Gutenberg press in 1440 rapidly expanded awareness through literacy, ultimately interrupting the power of religious authorities. Agricultural advancements catapulted us out of the hunter-gatherer age to agrarian societies. Internet technology in the last few decades has shrunk distances dramatically by connecting people around the world in the flash of a key stroke.

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As a species, we continue to grow more aware of and more sensitive to the changing tide of energy. Energy medicine is becoming more sought after and used. Homeopathy is one such form of energy medicine used by over 500 million people worldwide. Within homeopathy is the practice of a safe and natural disease prevention method called homeoprophylaxis, or “HP.”

HP involves the safe use of either diluted and potentized disease products or materials from animal, mineral, or vegetable sources to elicit an immune response in order to educate the immune system before encountering a disease. Due to the ultra-high dilution, the final product contains no molecules of the original source, rendering it completely harmless. It is energetic instead of material and operates by way of its frequency.

Energetic Medicine

This energetic frequency “educates” the immune system to recognize a disease when met in the environment and effectively mount an immune response in the most natural way. As Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Just like cell phones receive a radio frequency, interpret it, and deliver it to the user in a form that can be understood, HP delivers the energetic spectrum of a targeted disease. The human body, just like the phone, is able to receive and respond to the energetic signature and produce a beneficial response.

This signature is delivered on tiny sugar pellets, by mouth, one disease at a time, and is devoid of adjuvents, preservatives, or antibiotics of any kind. It is not grown on foreign mediums, but contains only the frequency of the disease.

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This is how illness occurs in nature. Pure and simple. The developing immune system contracts a disease, mounts an immune response, resolves the illness, and is left with lifelong immunity to a specific virus. No chemicals, no confusion, no system overload! HP confers all of the benefits with none of the risks.

What About Antibodies?

The goal of vaccines is to produce antibodies. This is not the intent of HP. HP uploads the frequency of the disease to the system, so it can be recognized when met in nature. This part of the immune system, also known as innate or cellular immunity, can respond regardless of the production of antibodies. Dr. Merrill W. Chase’s research dispelled the longstanding belief that antibodies alone protect the body from disease and micro-organisms, as the New York Times has noted:

Dr. Chase made his landmark discovery in the early 1940’s while working with Dr. Karl Landsteiner, a Nobel laureate recognized for his work identifying the human blood groups. At the time, experts believed that the body mounted its attacks against pathogens primarily through antibodies circulating in the blood stream, known as humoral immunity.

But Dr. Chase, working in his laboratory, stumbled upon something that appeared to shatter that widespread tenet. . . .

Dr. Chase had uncovered the second arm of the immune system, or cell-mediated immunity. His finding became the groundwork for later research that pinpointed B cells, T cells and other types of white blood cells as the body’s central safeguards against infection.

Green Immunization

The definition of “immunization” is: The process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease. This is the goal of HP. To do so in a safe, natural, and biologically supportive way is indeed an accomplishment.

There has never been a death from homeoprophylaxis, nor are there dangerous side effects. Large-scale observational studies have been conducted in Cuba for Leptospirosis (Bracho, G, Varela, E, Fernandez, R, et al. “Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control.” Homeopathy. 99 (2010): 156-166.), in Brazil for Meningitis in 85,000 people (Mroninski, Adriano, Mattos. Homeopathic Links, Winter 2001, Vol 14(4)), Influenza (International Journal of High Dilution Research 2011; 10(36):174-176), and for the prevention of childhood illnesses in 3,500 children (Golden, Isaac. “Homeoprophylaxis-A Fifteen Year Clinical Study: A Statistical Review of Efficacy and Safety of Long Term Homeoprophylaxis. Gisborne. Vic. 2004). Effectiveness has proven to be robust and in many cases exceeds the effectiveness of conventional vaccines. India has used HP for the prevention of Japanese encephalitis for over 20 million people as well (Srinivasulu, G. An Open Observational Study on the prevention of Japanese Encephalitis through Miasmatic Prescription, Journal of Homoeopathy, U.K. 2014)

Is HP for Me?

With any aspect of your health, or the health of your children, it’s essential to do your homework and carefully gather all the information you can before making choices. HP is not a “replacement” for vaccination. It is a conscious method to enhance immunity that employs energetic principles. Applications for epidemics and childhood diseases are based upon sound homeopathic principles and common sense. It is utilized and appreciated by many people around the world and shown to be safe and effective.

The time will come when we recognize that trying to eliminate disease is an infantile attempt to declare superiority over other lifeforms. The human body is 9/10ths bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that live symbiotically within us. Living in harmony with these organisms is the only answer to the survival of our species. HP honours this relationship. More people are finding it as they seek a better way.

How to Find HP

There are many sources for HP programs for childhood diseases as well as individualized programs for tropical diseases when traveling. It’s essential to be supervised by a trained and competent practitioner who knows how to support you in administering this method. Many groups and individuals are offering HP programs in the U.S. as well as other countries.

Finding someone with whom you can relate and work comfortably is important since the program for childhood diseases lasts approximately three years. One available source is, where both individuals and health professionals are invited to learn more.

Hear The Research

For inquiring minds and those who want to hear the evidence, plan to attend the second international conference for parents and healthcare practitioners taking place in St Petersburg, Florida, October 7-9, 2016. Researchers and experts from around the world will be sharing critical information about the immune system, homeoprophylaxis, and the foundations of natural immunity.

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