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It is no secret that Conor McGregor has been working with movement coach Ido Portal for some time now. You can find the pair all over social media crawling on the ground, spinning, and engaging in Capoeira-like dances.

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This movement practice has been exploding in popularity recently with most people either praising its benefits or dismissing it as the new fad. One thing is for certain, however — Conor McGregor is putting a lot of time into this art.

“I truly feel I am only a white belt in the broad spectrum of movement but my competitors have yet to even begin.”

– Conor McGregor

Most UFC fighters dismiss this type of training as new-agey, woo-woo nonsense. Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub has been vocal with his skepticism of movement coaches likes Ido Portal, and while he is impressed by Ido’s athletic ability, he thinks that a fighter becomes a better fighter by training in the gym in a manner that closely resembles the eventual fight. Makes sense, right?

Manifestation Inside and Outside of the Ring

Conor McGregor is clearly a master strategist inside and outside of the Octagon and has risen to the top of his weight class, which is no easy feat. It seems highly unlikely that a man with such strategic aptitude would spend so much time in a training regimen that doesn’t pay dividends on fight night.

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He has quickly collected accolades such as knocking out Jose Aldo — considered by many to be the pound for pound best fighter in the world. He did it in 13 seconds and prior to the fight he was recorded practising the EXACT sequence of events that happened in that very short timeframe.

He is an avid practitioner of “The Law of Attraction” and it is hard to dispute this particular manifestation after watching the video (pretty trippy if you ask me). With this ability to control the exact outcome of events, it’s no wonder that he is the highest paid fighter in UFC history.

Ido’s movement culture is not just confined to expanding the movement possibilities of the human body, either; it creates and inspires shifts in consciousness. The growth that a student of the movement game experiences physically is matched in increased creativity and spontaneity.

Here is how Conor McGregor explains his experience with this type of training:

I learned a lot more about how important balance is, how important control of the body is. From the moment I open my eyes, I’m trying to free my body. I’m trying to get looser, more flexible, to gain control. Movement is medicine to me.

Conor McGregor is not the only notable person to have incorporated Ido’s work into their lives. Many celebrities, including Tony Robbins, swear by this art of movement.

Want to learn more about Ido Portal?

Check out our Interview with Ido Portal and find out how a movement practice can:

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  • Develop abilities that you never thought possible
  • Help release trauma in the most natural of ways

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