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I get a lot of comic relief through my days perusing the internet, and I find the most joy in quick little comics that depict everyday life as an ‘adult,’ like this one:existential-dreadI say ‘adult’ because, and I know others share this experience, ever since I was little I imagined adulthood as this rewarding place where everything is easy to attain and I can get whatever I want, whenever I want it. By the time the age of consent rolls around we’re still lumped into the adolescent pile (rightfully so, most times) and haven’t yet seen the real perks of adulthood, other than being able to purchase alcohol for ourselves.

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And with each passing year, we reach certain milestones and conclude to ourselves that we are now Adults (with a capital ‘A’).

But I’m beginning to think it’s a made up place, and there are no real adults.

Artist and writer Chaz Hutton created a series of illustrations on sticky notes that properly depict the bleak, everyday realities of adult life. His stick figure comics and graphs truly accentuate our little pleasures and reliefs all too well.

While these images help deflate the despondency with laughter, it’s important to note that life doesn’t have to be like this. These images do connect us in our experiences but what does that truly say about ourselves?

Every day life doesn’t have to be so predictable. These comical ironies are pointing us into a direction where a world exists that people can live for more than just a weekend, are confident in their own skin, and choose to spend their time working towards what fulfills them.

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But until you reach that change in your life you’ve been looking forward to, give yourself an even longer break today at work and enjoy the laughs below!

brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-26__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-25__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-36__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-4__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-16__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-5__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-8__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-29__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-1__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-15__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-12__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-13__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-22__880 brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-20__880brutal-adulthood-reality-illustrations-chaz-hutton-34__880If you feel like your bookshelf could use a new addition, you can purchase A Sticky Note Guide To Life here, or even purchase some of the comics to hang on your wall here!

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