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Four years ago, 9/11 billboards  popped up in two major cities in the US. One being in New York and the other in Dallas. Both appeared in very busy downtown cores where millions saw them. They make their debut in time for the anniversary of 9/11 then, and we are reposting them today for the same reasons.

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We’ve come a long way since then, but there is still lots of work to do.

Along with these billboards, supporters of  the Architects and Engineers campaign (to encourage people to RE-THINK 9/11) were handing out factual brochures aimed at educating and reminding the public that scientific evidence does not support the government’s cover-up of what happened on 9/11/2001. The ever growing awareness that 9/11 has a great deal of unanswered questions is growing, each day, and it is only a matter of time before the public will need to know the truth on a mass scale, which seems to be happening right now.

If another year has gone by and you have just stumbled upon researching the truth about 9/11, be sure to check out Architects & Engineers and this one hour video they put together revealing scientifically powerful truths about what happened that day. There are several facts to be considered, from the  nano thermite that was found in the dust at Ground Zero (1)

All three buildings were destroyed by carefully planned, orchestrated and executed controlled demolition.” (source) (source) And more than half of all Americans agree. – Professor Lynn Margulis from the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts

Here is a great interview with Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, discussing the scientific inconsistencies found at all three buildings. He has gathered thousands of architects and engineers that have completely crushed the ‘official’ 9/11 commission report.

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You can also check out these articles below for more information and research (there are more on our website):

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Here is an article published earlier this year with a video of two firefighters who were in the buildings at the time. They are confident that they heard multiple explosions, and there are hundreds of testimonies like this.

The Billboards

There are several reasons why half of Americans alone don’t believe the official story provided to them by their government, a simple google search to check the latest polls will make that clear.

The pictures below deal with building 7 specifically. It is important to inform the public of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7) because many American citizens have no clue that it even went down on September 11th. WTC 7 is not even mentioned in the official 9/11 Commission Report. The official story is that the building was brought down by fires, though this is difficult to believe because the video footage shows the building going down in what looks like a textbook example of controlled demolition.





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(1) Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal. (‘Niels Harrit’, ‘Thermite Bentham,’ “The great thermate debate” Jon Cole, ‘Iron rich spheres’ Steven Jones, ‘Limited Metallurgical Examination (FEMA C-13, Appendix C-6).’ ‘Nano Tubes’), to whistleblowers, and much much more.

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