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In an attempt to raise awareness about an important issue that needs addressing, we write this to hopefully get help from whoever can help and to encourage a better process.

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Just as we were approaching a HUGE announcement from our company in just a few days, we were banned from posting all content on Facebook due to “copyright” allegations on a video we paid for, have licenses to use, and has also been posted by others on Facebook.

This post is in no way an attempt to call out Facebook; they have helped us greatly with our work over the years. We simply have no other choice but to raise awareness because there is no effective way to contact them and it has become apparent, after having spoken with a number of other businesses, that this problem is a reoccurring one and harmful for all of us.

We have already tried to contact Facebook about this issue but their automated customer service failed to  address our concerns.

As an individual this is disappointing, as someone part of a socially conscious movement it’s downright depressing, and as a business owner it’s crippling, as it effectively puts us out of business — and for having done nothing wrong nor breached Facebook’s terms and conditions. Not only that, but we can no longer launch the campaign we had been working on for the last four months. All our partners are ready and on standby to launch this initiative, but our hands are tied.

In our seven years in business we have never had a single ban like this. Yet just days before launching something monumental for the social conscious movement, something unjustified happens that prevents us from doing so.

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If you know anyone who can help us with this issue, please contact us at

We hope to get a statement from Facebook on this issue soon, as I believe we must demand better service for these sorts of things. I understand they are doing their best with such a huge platform and so many users, but this is unacceptable and needs to be addressed so it doesn’t happen again, either to us or to any other hardworking business.

We would appreciate any awareness that can be created about this issue also. Let’s get things back in action and continue shifting consciousness!

The CE Team

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