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Nowadays, many parents choose for their kids to be taught from home instead of enrolling them into the traditional school settings. This decision often comes from the parents that prefer to place the responsibility of quality education on themselves, so if you are one of those parents, keep reading. Even though some people view it as super intense parenting, spending more time with your children is a reasonable decision that can be understood. Several years ago, we did not enjoy such technological progress that allowed us to teach from home, but now that we do, more and more parents choose to use this option, says Mitchell Stevens, a Stanford University professor. According to Mr. Stevens, this method is widely popular in America at the moment due to the availability of resources on the Internet that increase the quality of homeschooling.

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There are a lot of reasons parents choose to teach their children from home. For example, issues with convenience, transportation, teaching quality of the local school, or a poor learning environment that does not challenge the child and therefore cannot produce desired outcomes. Also, the child might have special needs that can be met only at home, where the atmosphere is relaxed. Despite the reason, in many cases, homeschooling can be the source of numerous benefits in making the child smart and successful. These benefits were highlighted in the Academic Statistics on Homeschooling that showed that students who were taught at home performed better than the ones educated in the traditional classroom. Let’s review some of them below.

Homeschooling Is One-On-One Tutoring

It is a known fact that smaller groups of students usually learn better than larger ones because they guarantee the high level of engagement and the proper amount of a teacher’s attention (see this Stanford Newsletter for proof). As the result, each student is helped individually, which is considered by many educators as genuine learning. A high number of students prevents the teacher from paying required attention to each individual, so homeschooling can provide more intimate learning.

Homeschooling Helps To Discover Specific Learning Needs

This advantage is also explained by the one-on-one approach because it allows recognizing the child’s strengths and weaknesses during the process. Moreover, homeschooling can easily discover the most effective learning style of the child, thus meeting particular needs to achieve the best possible outcomes. This high level of material and style customization can increase the motivation and help to focus on the talents, thus developing the interest for continued learning.

Homeschooling Can Replace Traditional Teacher-Student Relationships

Whether at schools or universities, lots of students use online tutors to help with different assignments, including research papers, essays, book reports, discussion posts, and so on. The traditional way of helping the students face-to-face is not a critical condition today because thousands of tutors can be located online. For example, such sessions are provided by Aussiessay, and they include email feedback and instructions from the tutors.

Homeschooling Fosters Independent Thinking

In school, where the classes may consist of dozens of students, the opinion of the group may reflect the opinion of the most motivated individuals, which means that some children merely follow the ideas of others. Being ashamed to speak up is a frequent phenomenon in modern schools and the teachers put a lot of effort in to eliminate it. In a home setting, this won’t be an issue because the child is not influenced by peer pressure and they can learn how to think on their own.

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Homeschooling Provides Safe Learning Settings

Millions of children around the world face a number of negative impacts of learning environment in schools on a daily basis. Negative peer pressure, bullying, teasing, and other bad influences can make a world of difference for the kids. Some examples of negative impacts are a child losing the motivation to learn, developing a fear of other students,  or getting physically injured. These problems are more serious than one can perceive. As indicated by the Bullying Statistics, 22 percent of students in the U.S report experiencing being bullied, while 64 percent of children who experienced it do not report anything about it.


There are many benefits that homeschooling can provide for your kids, so if you haven’t done so already, make sure you understand everything related to legal homeschooling in your area. Remember that this process takes a lot of patience because teaching in an alternative setting can be challenging for some. As for resources, the Internet has it all, including courses, lesson plans, educational activities, and other materials used by teachers in schools. Perhaps you can find a homeschooling advocating group in your area, which is a perfect place to go and receive everything you could possibly need to teach the children at home. They also host conferences and meetings that support homeschoolers.

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