If you find peace and tranquility while outdoors, whether you’re on the beach, in the woods, or just in your own backyard, why not bring that feeling of relaxation indoors as well? Nature-inspired decor mixes with almost every design style, making it an easy addition to your home’s aesthetic. There are endless possibilities for how natural elements can be brought inside, and not only for show, but function as well. Here are some great ideas that will surely inspire you.

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Reclaimed Wood

Your foyer sets the tone for the rest of your home. Each time you walk in, you should be greeted with the ambiance that puts you most at ease. If natural elements help you feel more relaxed, consider turning some of your boring furniture, like a coat rack, into something more nature inspired. For instance, a large gnarled tree branch or driftwood can act as a coat rack if you have a base made for it. Similarly, some harvested logs can be used to make a shoe rack.

Live Wall

A live wall can be anywhere in your home, but the bathroom is the most likely place for it. The moist and steamy air, as well as the water that’s thrown about from the shower, will naturally water the plants that grow there. Creating a live wall may sound like a lot of work, but all you need is a vertical garden frame, which you can buy at most home and garden shops. Gather some cuttings from your garden — make sure the stems are at least 1/4-inch long — add potting soil to the frame, then plant your cuttings. This works best with succulents, as they don’t require much root space and will not grow quickly. If you decide you want a live wall somewhere other than your bathroom, water your plants with a spritzer at least once a week.

Inside Gardens

Live walls aren’t the only plants that can liven up your home; you can make your own knotted rope hanging planters as well. All you need are hooks, mason jars, string or twine, soil, and plants. First cut the twine into eight equal lengths — it will be used to make a web to hold the jar. These will usually be between 23- and 24-inches long, but it depends how far you want the plant to hang down. Tie these threads together at one end and then sort the threads in twos. Tie a knot three inches up on each pair, then repeat the process, changing the threads each is matched with. This will complete the web that will hold the jar. Now re-pot the plant in the mason jar and slide it into the web, and hang where you like. If you’re not interested in a DIY project and vases are more your speed, a frequent bouquet of flowers can lend some brightness to your home as well.

Rock Sculptures

Stone can be used in a variety of ways in your home. Whether you find nicely shaped, smooth rocks on the beach or build your hearth with them, stone can lend a cold yet tranquil feel. They can also be used for a variety of different functions such as book ends, paper weights, door stops, or simply raw forms of natural beauty placed strategically around your home.

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