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Everybody talks about changing the world. We hear it in popular songs and political speeches, we hear it from celebrities, from our televisions, and in everyday conversations. But it seems to remain this abstract concept, something we all talk about but don’t ever expect to actually happen. We go about business as usual, slaving for the very system we wish to change.

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Why is there so much talk about change, but so little action? What are we missing here? Is it really up to authorities, experts, and professionals to figure out this whole “changing the world” thing? The world is full of experts and their opinions, and look where we are at. War, poverty, greed, oppression, environmental destruction, and more continue to degrade our planet and its inhabitants. The problems of this world might be complex, but what if the formula for rectifying them is much simpler than we think?

The team behind WeCO asked themselves these same questions, and absolutely NAILED the answer in this powerful video. This perspective is greatly needed in this movement for truth and freedom. And the solution it provides is what I believe will drive humanity forward and allow each and every one of us to be the change we have been conceptualizing all these years.

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