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We are having a New Moon in Libra that many people are referring to as a ‘Black Moon,’ which is when there is a second New Moon in the calendar month. This is similar to a Blue Moon, which happens when there are two Full Moons in a month. It will occur on September 30th in the Americas and October 1st everywhere east of there.

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New Moons bring in a new wave of energy for the upcoming month. This one is coming in on the heels of an action-packed month of Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, during which time we saw many changes and needed to make important adjustments in our lives. This will be a month of taking forward action based on the aftermath of those changes.

New Moon in Libra Conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, went into Libra on September 9th after being in Virgo for a year. It will stay there until October 2017 and this New Moon cycle will really kickstart it. Jupiter in Virgo left us feeling like there is too much to do, and although this energy has made its mark and is still lingering, the expansiveness of Jupiter shifts into Libra territory, which is more pleasant and easier to handle.

lib-glyLibra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, beauty, fairness, and balance. It is about finding common ground when relating to others, and being diplomatic and considerate of different sides and views. As a Cardinal sign, its ‘initiating’ energy is applied in social interactions and when restoring equality.

Libra is about considering options, and what would be best for everyone. The challenge that comes with this sign is indecisiveness and in some ways a lack of self-consideration. In whatever areas of our lives are being affected by these themes, it is important to factor in what is the most fair and balanced approach.

New Moon Sextile Saturn, Venus Trine Neptune, and Mars Newly in Capricorn Square Jupiter

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since late 2014 and will be there until late 2017. This is a period that helps us to cement our perspectives and weed out what doesn’t make sense. Because it is in a harmonious aspect with this New Moon, much of our interactions with others will help us find this clarity.

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For some people, relationships, partnerships, and agreements between different parties may be solidified further, especially if they involve travel and foreign countries/cultures, or business initiatives and career fields that involve media, marketing, sales, teaching, and publishing. This energy will be strongest in the period from October 3rd-6th.

nm-lib-2016-chrtVenus, the ruler of Libra, is in Scorpio in a harmonious aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Romantic relationships can have a magical feeling at this time or even a highly spiritual tone. Passion as well as intensity and even obsessiveness amongst lovers/admirers is a theme. However, Neptune is in a quincunx angle with the actual New Moon, which can also indicate some confusion about what is really going on and where things are going.

Mars has recently entered Capricorn and will be there until November 8th/9th. This is a strong symbol for working hard to reach our goals and taking initiative in how we utilize resources. Mars, representing our drive and assertion, is exalted in the ambitious and career-oriented sign of Capricorn. It will be making a square aspect to Jupiter, which can help us to be enthusiastically driven, though we can also overextend ourselves easily. This may perhaps be due to trying to please our friends, partners, and/or lovers.

The New Moon will also be in a square aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. This can help to reinforce some of the ambitious energy mentioned above regarding Mars, but this combination can also manifest as power struggles, control, and perhaps even manipulation in relationships/partnerships. The potential obsessiveness of Venus in Scorpio in relationships is also amplified with this aspect. At best, Pluto here can also facilitate evolutionary growth in how two people/parties relate, co-exist, and co-create. This energy is strongest October 8th/9th.

Making Intentions and Things to Consider for This New Moon

win-reading-ad-3What are you looking for in your relationships and partnerships and can they be improved upon? In what areas of your life is it best to take the ‘middle path’? Where do you need to implement balance?

These are some examples of what to consider during this time. If you are making intentions, it is best to do so within the first 24 hours following the New Moon, as close to it as possible. You can click here to find out the exact time of when it will be in your time zone.

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