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As the political campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue in the United States, the battle for presidency has begun to resemble reality television more than genuine politics.

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Statements are made, stances taken, and arguments ignited that all seem far too scripted and controversial to have occurred organically. Whether or not this is the case, we as a collective have fully bought into it, as this first presidential debate broke viewership records, with 84 million tuning in to the “interesting” spar, according to Nielsen.

While both presidential hopefuls have already endured significant scrutiny, it appears as though Hillary Clinton may be in line for the next devastating blow, though she has already been victimized by the stealthy work of Julian Assange on several occasions:

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Hillary seems to be waiting for what some believe could be her knockout hit. Roger Stone, who served on Trump’s campaign until August of 2015, tweeted that WikiLeaks is set to release something about Hillary that could end her campaign as early as Wednesday of this week.


Stone’s tweets marking her campaign’s potential demise have continued since that point:


These posts certainly align with Julian Assange’s previous public appearances, which include revealing to Anderson Cooper on CNN that he has plenty more to release to the world about Clinton’s campaign.

If this turns out to be true, the implications of this information could be huge, especially considering how impactful previous releases were on the Democratic National Convention alone.

Wikileaks’ official Twitter page recently posted another leak that suggests just how much a nuisance they have become to the presidential hopeful:


The idea of casually suggesting a drone take someone out is scary enough to some, but Clinton’s apparent earnestness is another level of frightening.

Whether or not anything is released as early as this week, it certainly seems safe to say that the entire political landscape stands to change significantly between now and election day.

Again the big story here isn’t to raise awareness about corruption behind Hillary Clinton. This isn’t about Trump vs Hillary, it’s much bigger. It’s about looking at the elections as a whole. About this system as a whole. While we are all distracted fighting over which candidate to pick or align with, we forget that the entire system is an illusion that we are agreeing to.

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