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Here at CE we don’t pick sides. Why? Because it’s not necessary right now. There are much bigger things at play, and we must choose to see the world for what it is instead of choosing sides.

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I say this off the top because when we read pieces like this there is a tendency to react, get defensive, or to point in the direction of ‘the other side’ to protect our current beliefs. We end up getting nothing done but furthering cognitive dissonance.

I strongly believe that at this time the best thing we can do during these elections is to begin to realize the fallacy of the entire system of politics. I explained this more deeply in a recent CE News video here. We can also benefit by observing our emotions through this process. Hate, anger, and judgement are likely to come up as we begin to see the world more clearly, but this will not be the force that will create change, coming to peace with it is.

That said, as much as Trump and his antics must be exposed, Hillary’s should also. A career in politics has not gone without an incredible amount of corruption and criminal action, as defined by our laws, and as people, we need to know this is going on so we can understand more clearly who is even running in these elections and how we’ve let it come this far.

Anonymous Blows The Lid

WikiLeaks just recently released the next set of leaks promising to bring down Hillary’s campaign. Going from that right into this video Anonymous created containing a well researched list of wrong-doings, exposing the actions of Hillary over her career.

This includes things like:

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  • fraud investigations
  • conflicts of interest
  • political corruption
  • wrongful pardons
  • campaign and finance law violations
  • business & political scandals

This is only a small list of what is explored in the video below.

Why This Matters

With so much exposed already, why do we continue to follow, allow, and accept people like Hillary and Trump as potentials to be country leaders? Truly think about it. Can we even take a system that puts these two so high up in the ranks seriously?

Is this not the perfect storm to allow us to wake up to the reality of our current state? We should be thankful that this is going on so we can help wake up the world and begin a conversation about what we can legitimately do next.

This isn’t about Trump vs Clinton. That is merely the illusion we are being invited to believe. This is about awakening to the fact that our system is absurd and that it’s time to do something different. What is the answer? That is what we must discuss instead of playing this broken political game of dividing and choosing who to “vote” for.

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