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It is becoming increasingly obvious that human potential is limitless, and we are getting better and better at manifesting our desired reality. While traditional, materialist science has served us well, we may be entering a new phase in our development — one that parallels science in its discoveries, but travels there through spiritual paths.

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And as Wim Hof demonstrates, we can transform and heal our bodies through the power of the mind.

He also shows how our minds shape our reality. It’s all about perception. And so cold doesn’t exist for Wim Hof, because he chooses not to feel it. If someone is in cold air, but does not feel it to be cold, then the cold air does not actually exist. It is an illusion. You are in charge of reality. The laws of physics, as we will see here, have been broken once again. That is essentially the meaning behind the process which allows Wim Hof to survive as he runs shirtless marathons in temperatures as low as -20 °C (-4°F).

Wim Hof Breathing Method and The Science Behind It

wim-hof-poland-471x347So what exactly gives a man these capabilities? Meditative breathing. One exercise consists of 30 deep inhales followed by one large exhale, and then a held breath lasting up to 3 min.

The other exercise you can do is to inhale and exhale deeply, then hold the breath in for 10 seconds and flex your muscles tightly. All the while you are doing these, you visualize relaxation. Repeat for as long as you desire. It will trigger anti-inflammatory processes in the body and keep the core body temperature the same despite being in freezing temperatures.

What is also remarkable about this breathing is that, due to the strong anti-inflammatory effects it has on the body, it can significantly strengthen the immune system, and in some cases prevent or heal illnesses such as the flu or the common cold. The enhanced immune system strengthens the good gut bacteria, which means it may help autoimmune disease sufferers as well. The power of oxygen is strong indeed.

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Anyone Can Do This

Wim Hof is on a mission to prove that he doesn’t have any special genetic gifts that allow only him to achieve this, but rather that he is using a simple set of techniques that anyone can do. So he went on and proved it by taking 26 other people that he trained along with him to climb Mount Kilimanjaro — where temperatures can drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius — clad only in shorts! Doctors thought it was impossible, but the team did it in record time, reaching the peak in 32 hours.

This stuff is ground breaking. Wim Hof may have set a new precedent in the scientific community. If meditative breathing and concentration can tap into our biological makeup and bend it to our will, imagine how many more restorative and supernatural abilities we can harness via these similar concepts?

We got a chance to talk with Wim Hof himself, aka The Iceman. Listen to the podcast to find out more!

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