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Article written by Jordan Pearce.
We are less than a month away from one of the biggest turning points for America and the world: the United States presidential election. All over the world, people are tuning in to one of the strangest manifestations of human consciousness we have ever seen in our lifetimes.

World wars, religious wars, poverty, famine — all senseless tragedies that actually seem rational when compared to the outrageous, childish, and downright confusing political battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The more people watch, the more heated the battle becomes, with more lies and insults thrown about in hopes of gaining the upper hand over the collective mind of the United States. More and more people are beginning to realize that, in fact, both of these candidates would be terrible for the future of our country and our world, but even more are left believing that their only hope is to vote for one to ensure the loss of the other.

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It’s a backwards system. But you can do something about it, and it’s as simple as being still.

During the last presidential debates, we did an experiment to see if we could affect the energy of the debates by meditation alone. Of course, it’s very difficult to determine just how much of an impact we had, but there is no question that we had one, however small. That is simply the nature of meditation.

Here is the event page with instructions on what to do! Thank you, and see you there in spirit.

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