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Peter Schweizer doesn’t want the American people to be duped by Hillary Clinton’s role model facade, so he found a way to expose her corruption and her drive to make money regardless of how it may affect America’s national security: write the Clinton Cash.

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The hardback novel, published last May, reveals the Clinton Foundation’s corruption, and how foreign governments and businesses helped Hillary and Bill Clinton accumulate wealth. This past summer the paperback version was released. Called Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novelit offers a humorous perspective on the facts behind the Clinton cash machine while also providing a different avenue for truly understanding the severity of the Clintons’ actions.

Project director Brett R. Smith said he aimed to have “humor to tell the truth, even with these very serious topics.  I felt we should do something heavy on satire, parody, and mockery.  Chuck Dixon, who adapted it, is fearless and did not have a problem in burning any bridges.”

He said:

The way to expand the readership exponentially is through comics, a virtual storytelling with something going on in every panel.  I wanted to have something fresh, interesting, and that retells Clinton Cash in a different way.  I hope we showed the totality of what this woman and her husband have done, fleecing the U.S. for profit and putting our national security at risk.  What I wanted to do with my team is what Trump had done to politics: stick it to the left by incorporating the truth.

Schweizer wanted to show just how dishonest the Clintons have been with the American people.

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They are so convinced of their own moral purity and superiority that the money they make is wrapped in the cloak of philanthropy and camouflaged through charity.  This is a constant pattern that is seen over and over again – the systemic approach, which should be damning.  When they established the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, when Bill Clinton hit the lecture circuit while his wife was secretary of state, there was an avenue for oligarchs in Russia, Nigeria, and Latin America to have influence.  I think the evidence is pretty clear they gave a lot of money and that favorable actions were taken by Hillary Clinton for their benefit.

Now, inspired by the creative way Schweizer showed the Clinton corruption, a new animated ad reveals how Clinton, during her time as Secretary of State, helped to transfer 20% of America’s uranium stockpile to the Russian government.

Hillary had been in Russia to discuss Putin’s plans for constructing nuclear plants in Iran. “ ‘All in’ meant Russia’s desire to corner the world uranium market,” a narrator explains in the one-minute long Clinton Cash ad called “Hillary’s Reset.” “And the price for the Secretary of State’s compliance? One hundred and forty-five million paid to the Clinton Foundation.”

Clinton’s State Department was among the nine agencies that ultimately agreed to the sale of Uranium One to the Russian government. “The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States,” according to a report.

An infographic was also published by the New York Times showing the $145 million the Clinton Foundation received in donations made by executives linked to the company involved in the transfer of U.S. uranium to the Russian government.

“I think millennials love this sort of approach because it’s humorous,” Schweizer noted. “They put in humor. It’s a lot of great visual images.”

Smith referred to the book as “the most subversive foray into pop culture the right has ever attempted.” Of his desire for helping create the novel, he said:

The Right has not lost the culture war. The Right has almost ceded the culture war by not engaging, and I really wanted to use the Left’s weapons back on them. I wanted to turn the Left’s weapons around and use it on them. It’s payback time. They don’t own pop culture. They don’t own it all. They don’t own that territory, and we need to start taking it back. Jon Stewart just signed a four-year deal with HBO. He’s got an animation studio geared up. He’s got 3-D graphics cranking. We need to start fighting fire with fire and show up to the gunfight with a flamethrower.

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