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“The greatest evil is ignorance and the greatest good knowledge.”

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The world is suffering not due to a lack of compassion, but from a lack of knowledge. We cannot hope to change the world for the better until we educate ourselves on the true nature of the world we live in and the existing powers to change it.

We live in a golden age of information; it is abundant. But like a miner sifting for gold, it can be hard to find the treasure in the stream. Misinformation is commonplace and the real truth is often hidden.

Fortunately there are great teachers and scholars our there who aim to spread knowledge to help us free ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Two of these teachers have come together to create the upcoming Unslaved podcast.

The Unslaved podcast is an archive of Michael Tsarion’s work, presented independently, which explores esoteric subjects and raises the bar into the fascinating research of these complex and intriguing fields. It is brought together by David Whitehead, the man behind

This podcast is breaking the mold of contemporary alternative media. Deep and relevant topics dealing with humanity are not only made understandable, but actionable. David and Michael will be bringing, collaborating with, and featuring the work and ideas of other researchers, teachers, activists, and thinkers from around the world to bring a range of in-depth perspectives from those actively looking to help humanity.

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Check out this sneak preview of the Unslaved podcast coming out this October.

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