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The internet was buzzing today as an image of Hillary Clinton on the cover of Newsweek magazine was depicted with the words “Madam President” above her head. This to some was complete proof that the election was rigged. Posts were made, articles written and no one bothered to check for the truth.

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This is precisely one of the things that pulls credibility away from the alternative news movement. It’s OK to act quickly, but it’s important try to do your due diligence as early as you can to find the truth.

For us, it was a simple email to Newsweek and we had our answer.

I contacted Newsweek to verify the authenticity of the cover and to check the obvious, did they print both options? I got this response:Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 3.56.20 PM

From a business perspective this makes total sense. They print both not knowing who will win, ship them out and when the decision is final, the right magazines hit the shelves immediately. It’s the exact same thing that happens during any sporting event when it’s the finals. Merchandise is printer for both teams not knowing who will win.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 3.57.42 PMAngry, confused and shocked tweets, comments and messages were posted all over social media today, from Reddit to Facebook and Twitter. I believe I traced the original post from Alex Jones and then the person who posted the photo on Twitter account was deleted, but the image had already been copied and shared thousands of times already and ‘reported’ on by a few websites.

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It is frustrating to independent media organizations like ours to see such hysteria ensue over stories like these that could have been averted so easily.  Many just brush of alternative media as conspiracy theorists for this exact reason. Jumping to quick conclusions fans that flame.

The Paradox

Having said that, I really think this is a beautiful example of how much people are awakening to the idea and realization that this whole system is flawed and a lot of what we are fed by the mainstream media is bogus. People are more willing to accept that this election is a game that already has a plan and is playing out just as it’s suppose to. We’ve written about this topic extensively and made a few easy to understand videos on how the system is failing and what we can learn from all this. Video 1, Video 2.

The key here is, use the evidence that is credible and factual to talk to others about this, instead of evidence that only makes these ideas less credible.

The importance of credible, well-sourced, fact-checked, independent (not corporate owned or government backed) is imperative right now in these tumultuous times. Please support our Newsroom at to keep the truth flowing.

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