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Self-sufficiency. We often picture it as living in this off-grid shack, far away from civilization. But what if you could bring everything you need to live a self-sufficient, abundant life straight to the comfort of your own home?

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The Solution Era team who brought us the Green House of the Future just made this lifestyle more accessible by teaming up with the renowned and award-winning engineer Luc Muyldermans to design a year-round passive solar greenhouse that you can connect to your own home.

If this sounds like a dream to you, you can now make it come true. Check this out!

An Online Course To Build Your Own Abundance Oasis

Greenhouse of Abundance and Food Self-Sufficiency is a captivating and formative online course where the best information and tools are provided so that all may create their own self-sufficient and abundant lifestyle.

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It includes:

1. All the required information to master the conception and construction of an abundance greenhouse.

2. All of Luc’s secrets for producing fresh and local food, all year long in a northern climate with very little work and no heating costs.

3. Tools allowing you to choose the ideal location for your greenhouse or your gardens.

4. Plans and technical details of Luc’s greenhouse ( in 2D and 3D ) for those who would like to assign the construction to a local carpenter.

5. Their SAFE support will allow you to ask questions directly to the team and Luc himself as well as connect, discuss and collaborate with other participants.

To share this essential knowledge throughout the world, Solution Era needs your contribution to complete the course videos, edit the content and translate the material.

Let’s support their amazing efforts in creating a healthier and more sustainable world for generations to come!

Click Here To Support And Begin Your Own Journey To Self-Suffiency

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