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Many of us have an overwhelming urgency to get away from it all, whether it be for the weekend or for months at a time. This provokes people to seek out ways to escape reality and reconnect, whether it be through calling a tiny tent in the middle of the woods your home for a few days, or investing in an RV for the family to pick up and go on a moment’s notice. And for people with a desire to sink their teeth into sustainability, they go above and beyond by opting for sustainable travel trailers.

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Such trailers can be heavy and difficult to maneuver because of their size, shape, and weight. But the people behind Homegrown Trailers have given people interested in connecting more with nature a fantastic new avenue for exploring and living.

Homegrown Trailers have all of the sustainable features one might desire in a tiny space that is light and easy to move, offering an unloaded weight of just 2,500 pounds.

Co-founder and CEO Corey Weathers explained that the idea came about after he reached a tipping point roughly 2 years ago while camping with his young daughters in Eastern Washington.

homegrown trailer

“My daughter wanted to go home, she didn’t have a bathroom, she wanted to wash her hands and I thought, ‘Ya know, this is not working.’” Weathers explained. “So when I got back I started looking at RVs and I didn’t like what I found. I didn’t like the big fiberglass boxes.”

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With a love for the tiny house movement as well as for teardrop-style trailers, Weathers came up with his own unique idea.

“I really wanted something that had all the features of a tiny house that we could take with us,” Weathers noted. “But something that was compact enough to fit in a garage and pull behind a fuel-efficient vehicle. And of course there’s nothing out there. So I started drafting up some designs.”

These specific trailers feature a pop-up roof that can be fitted with 400 watts of solar panels, as well as lithium batteries with the magnitude of 2400 watt-hours. People also have the option of upgrading the panels to 800 watts and the batteries to 6000 watt-hours of storage.

The company calls the trailer“Your cabin on wheels,” likely because of the real wood exterior paneling. The trailer, which is 18-feet long, has a pop top that allows for headroom up to 6 feet, 5 inches, has a full cook’s kitchen, solar power, a deep-cycle battery, and a clean composting toilet. A queen bed and two bunks allows for the trailer to comfortably sleep four people.


stove bed and stuff friedge solarTo make the chassis, a durable yet lightweight steel frame is utilized. This allows for an additional 10 square feet of space to be used for storage or outdoor cooking at the back of the trailer.

There’s also a 12-gallon freshwater tank that pumps to a big sink residing at the rear counter. The water drains through the sink via the back of the trailer into a modular external graywater tank. When the need to keep warm arises, a 1.5 gallon water heater is an optional addition.

Homegrown Trailers have now become available to rent as well, featuring a full battery charge, a full tank of fresh water, clean bedding, and even a complete set of eating and cooking equipment.

Should you want to buy a trailer, they start at U.S. $32,500, which includes the solar roof, mattresses, appliances and the composting toilet.

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