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The North Dakota Access Pipeline protests rage on. The latest comes today when a Dakota Access company resumed construction of its pipeline that is said to run under the Missouri River after requests from Army Corps were ignored to wait as they assess re-route options.

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The protesters call themselves water protectors. The Missouri is their main source of water and they are protecting the land, water, and air of ancient native burial grounds. Camps formed back in April and protests began in August. Members of the Sioux Indigenous tribe of Standing Rock are going up against Energy Transfer Partners, the oil company looking to finally complete the last 2000km of a pipeline running through 4 different states (Illinois, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota). This whole project has $3.8B invested in it from 17 national banks and a host of other investors.

But, there seems to be a bigger issue at stake here, one we’ve seen many times in the past but never confronted head on. That is, corporate interests and profits taking precedence over the health and well-being of the people and the land.

When will we realize that we cannot eat money?” I saw on someone’s status today. It alludes to the fact that the people at Standing Rock are fighting (quite literally) for basic human rights, but because that interferes with Energy Transfer Partners plans, all those rights go out the window. The police are outfitted in a lot of heavy gear. Morton county has has a HUGE boost in equipment with new militarized cars, LRAD (sound technology), mace, rubber bullets, batons, and a host of other ‘toys’ they definitely did not have before. I’m pretty sure they didn’t rent this stuff from somewhere. In the next few weeks we will be submitting a public records request to follow the money and determine who exactly was providing the police with all this highly sophisticated technology they are using on peaceful protesters.

The people are fighting to be heard. To be recognized as having legitimate concerns. The bulldozing of the land is a metaphor for the bulldozing of the hearts of the people there. This is everyone’s fight. No longer can we allow the corporations to run rampant and do whatever they want, when they want, and who they want to. There must be more attention placed on this issue. More pressure applied to those we must hold accountable for the harm they are doing  and will do to the people and the land.

This is one of the reasons why myself and another journalist from CE are going to Standing Rock this weekend. We want the truth of the matter and to help spread awareness of what is happening there, as the mainstream media is nowhere to be found. It is important to know we are taking the idea of coming together one step further with 9 different independent and alternative news outlets collaborating to spread this around the world. That’s over 21 million+ followers!

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Collective Evolution 4.8 million
True Activist 1.35 million
Mint Press News 266k
David Wolfe 8.3 million
The Anti-Media 1.9 million
We Are Change 400k
Police the Police 1.1 million
Ubuntu 36k
The Free Thought Project 1.67 million

Here is where you can get involved if you cannot directly come and be with us at Standing Rock. You can show your support and solidarity with the movement by donating, liking, and sharing our CE News Network. The same network that is trying to bring all these independent media outlets together. Please consider donating even a dollar to the campaign at, because if a million people donated just 1 dollar…boom — we’ve given the shift a huge voice and push out into the world.

This is a real life example of the shifting consciousness from competition to cooperation, having all agreed to work together to present solutions to the Dakota Access Pipeline as a unified front.

We at Collective Evolution have seen and spoken with the creators of technology that will truly change the world. It is clean energy that is so simple in its constitution that many cannot even fathom its existence. But, I assure you the MTG (magnetic transducer generator) has the ability to supply energy to all of our homes, buildings, and vehicles without damaging the earth and greatly cutting costs, so we may enjoy life to the fullest, instead of being slaves to our utility companies.

Follow myself Rajie Kabli , Joe Martino, Justin Booth and Collective Evolution  for live updates from Standing Rock. Remember, we are all in this together.

Any other media looking to join this coalition please contact or +1 416-576-2766

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