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You have seen his live videos all over Facebook about his time down at Standing Rock, the man has been a dedicated water protector, there on the front lines telling the world the story the mainstream media refuses to cover. And we love him for it.

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But not everyone has warm feelings about Kevin it seems. Pro DAPL workers and locals of Bismarck, the closest major city where the pipeline is being constructed in North Dakota, have not been happy about the resistance to the pipeline’s construction. Water protectors have been peacefully and prayerfully protecting their land and water from the inevitable oil leaks that would destroy their drinking water and millions more. It is these people who have not taken liking to Kevin’s work in spreading the water protectors message.

I spoke to Kevin yesterday about a recent development. He has been receiving death threats and nuisance calls so frequently that he had to change his phone number. We spoke about what the nature of those calls were and he had a message to those sending him those calls that was incredibly touching and powerful.

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As of now Kevin does not have access to his Facebook account as it was flagged and he was locked out. Early signs show it might have been a jointed attack by many pro-DAPL people reporting his account as abuse or as a phishing scam. Since Facebook’s policy is ‘shoot first and ask questions later,’ he is left trying to figure out how to get back online.

Watch below:

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