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Mainstream media was slow to the game covering the protests at Standing Rock, and they continue to be so, but why?

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“The limited media coverage, and the biased, inaccurate reporting included in what coverage the Dakota Access Pipeline has received in mainstream media is a microcosm of the endless denigration Native Americans suffer. The lack of an on-the-ground presence from major TV media outlets at Standing Rock is a result of CNN and most of the mainstream media’s lazy preference for propagating false narratives based on secondhand sources,” explained Observer.

And yet, the Standing Rock water protectors are being abused, arrested, and beaten simply because they want to protect their right to clean water. People should no longer be asking, or even questioning if they should stand with Standing Rock. It is a representation of all people and the urgent fight to battle against a corporate state that values profit over humanity  — over Mother Earth.

Lee Camp explained why he stands with Standing Rock in a video titled 5 Reasons I Stand With Standing Rock & You Should Too. In it, he says he stands with Standing Rock because we exploited and abused Native Americans for hundreds of years, and because the police out there are merely protecting an oil pipeline.

“What if this were a different kind of pipeline? What if it didn’t carry oil? What if it were a pipeline that carried free medication to all of the people who couldn’t afford life savings meds?” he asks. “Would the militarized police defend that pipeline?” He says they wouldn’t because the grasp Big Pharma lobbyists and insurance companies have on our world.

“What if instead of a pipeline built by the rich, this were a pipeline built by the poor to get their friends and family out of jail? A pipeline of freedom for the hundreds of thousands of people locked away in this country for crimes that did not harm a soul?”

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And he also asks what if it was a pipeline that was filled with free food for people who actually need food, as opposed to oil?

“The point is these police are attacking these water protectors specifically because the Dakota Access Pipeline will make billions upon billions of dollars for the corporate totalitarian state. Profit in our current model is more important than clean water, more important than air, more important than your family not having cancer, more important than your sacred ground, more important than your land rights, more important than a sustainable future.”

Lee notes that profit for the corporation rules over all of that, which is why we should all stand for Standing Rock.

It’s a revolting brutality that even police officers are actually backing out of. And these authorities ought to be encouraged for taking a stand, and going against what they’ve been told to do is right.

“These are some brave officers to turn away from Standing Rock. These guys knew when they found themselves not doing the job they signed up for; not protecting and helping the people, but instead attacking them. The officers willing to stand down are heroes.”

Lee says he stands with Standing Rock “because the attack on journalists and the press is a sign of what’s to come in our corporate totalitarianism.

“When they are arrested for their job, we do not live in a free country. We live in a fascist state.

“If we continue to exploit the fossil fuels in the ground, we will die. Carbon dioxide has passed 400 parts per million for the first time in  millennia.”

Watch the full video below:


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