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Meet the delightful Violaine Bergoin, who is a lady on a mission; she wants to open the first raw vegan organic patisserie in Paris.

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Paris, until now, is definitely not known for it’s health foods, indeed it’s a city renowned for its rich and super sweet desserts, and whilst they certainly look and taste heavenly, it comes at a cost; our health!

Violaine 33, is passionate about healthy living and wants to share it with the world.  She’s a qualified raw chef, and achieved her degree at 42 degrees. Violaine also studied art in England as well as interior design. All of this has helped her become a very talented raw chef, who has a very creative eye for making her raw delights look super beautiful.

After discovering the raw food diet years ago, Violaine’s since had a dream to open a raw patisserie.  But this is a very costly venture, and she needs our help.


Can you help fund her business to become a reality?  If you can afford anything to help her out, even $5, this will all add up to help her achieve her goal.

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Please watch her video, I did and I’m already a fan! I know there’s loads of campaigns to get behind, but this lady and her dream is special. Violaine is super adorable and her raw cakes and treats look amazing.  I love her attitude and her aspiration.

Please check out this link to take you to her funding page. You need to go to the top of the right hand side where it says FR and click on it and choose ‘Anglaise’ to turn it into English.



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